Chapter 22: Loose Lips Sink Ships All The Damn Time

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Kim stirred and woke from a deep, insanely restful sleep. The little early morning sunlight that managed to sneak its way through the bedroom's heavy curtains gathered in spots along the wall above the bed. In the low light, Kim saw Willow, still dreaming beside her.

They'd fallen asleep more from exhaustion than from any decision about going to bed, so Willow's cornsilk hair fell messily around her face, and her eyes were all raccoon-y from the smudged mascara she'd hadn't bothered to remove before bed. Kim was sure she looked similarly, or probably worse. But she loved it. She loved this moment. Willow was always so on, so put together, so loathe to let down her guard. Seeing her like this, unguarded and open, the real her--this was everything.

Perhaps sensing that she was being stared at, Willow stirred and blinked her eyes open. As the room came into focus and she saw Kim next to her, watching her, she instinctively smiled. "Hi," she said.

In response, Kim leaned over and kissed Willow softly, meaningfully. Willow arched her neck into the kiss.

Kim ended the kiss and then put her head back down, looking at Willow, smiling brightly.

"What. Why are you smiling," Willow asked. "My breath is probably horrifying."

"I'm smiling because you're smiling," Kim said.


"I've never seen you smile before."

This ended Willow's smile, as she purposefully put a wounded look on her face. "What? I smile!"

Kim shook her head. "No you do not. You are super serious model girl casting blue steel literally all the time. I've never seen you smile. Probably no one has."

Willow playfully hit Kim on the shoulder as an even bigger smile spread out across her face. She let it stay. She couldn't help it. "Well, fine. For you, I'll smile."

"Good. I like it. Whatever it takes to keep that smile there is what I want to do."

Now Willow leaned in for a quick kiss, then adjusted the sheets so their bodies were appropriately covered up. She snuggled in, pulling her body closer to Kim's, then settled down, sighing.

"I'm afraid to ask what time it is," Kim said.

"Why, you in a hurry to go somewhere?" Willow, said, gently biting Kim's bare shoulder.

"Noooo I want to just stay here forever. You probably have to work though."

Willow groaned. "It's true. 8 hour photo shoot today. But then I'll be back."

"That's too long," Kim said. "I forbid it. I am Kim of House Kardashian, you will heed my words or suffer a pain of almost unimaginable--".

"--Shut up," Willow said, holding her hand over Kim's mouth to keep her from finishing her decree. "You can figure out how to entertain yourself. Don't you have missions to accomplish this morning? You're never going to be more famous than me with that attitude. Lack of focus is very unbecoming."

Kim tucked a stray strand of Willow's hair back behind her ear. "How long are you in Miami for?"

"Just through tomorrow," Willow said, mentally running through her calendar. "8 hour shoot today, 3 hour appearance tomorrow. Then I have to be back in Florence."

The mention of Florence put Kim at unease. "Is it, like, safe for me to be here while you're out? Cassio won't just stop randomly by while you're out, will he?"

"God, no," Willow said, exhaling deeply. "He would never."

Kim sensed a deeper sentiment and meaning being hinted at there, but Willow shook it off before Kim could decide what to do about it.

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