Chapter 06: Bound by Blood

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As soon as Kim was home she raced through the house shouting Kanye's name. She finally found him sitting up in their bed, eyes closed, doing a little dance, grooving to something on his phone. A new track he'd recorded recently, she guessed. 

She rushed towards him and threw herself on the bed and immediately burst into tears.

"Sweetie what's wrong!!" he said, pulling his earbuds out and wrapping his arms around her. 

She needed this. She let him hold her, feeling his strength, his warmth, his love. 

She shook her head, still sobbing, unable to get the words out.

"Shh!!" he said. "Shh!! Kim!! I love you so much!! Tell me what happened!!"

"Nicki wasn't there," was all Kim could say.

"What!! Nicki wasn't at The Castle!! Are you serious!!"

"I don't know!" Kim shouted. "Nicki wasn't there and she's the only one I trust. Those other witches turned on me. It all happened so fast, like they'd been planning it. They're blaming me for all the disappearances!"

"But that's crazy, you would never make Dylan O'Brien disappear, that doesn't even make any sense!!"

"I know!!!" Kim cried, melting into tears again. "I know, but they're convinced it's all my fault and they're aligned against me. They tried to imprison me at the castle, I only barely escaped. What happened at Nicki's house?"

"Nothing!! When I got there Jay and Beyoncé were already there and they'd calmed her down!! She was very upset but she knew that working together was the fastest way to find Drake!! Nicki and Beyoncé left together for the castle and then Jay and I went out for dinner and then I came home to work on some new tracks!!"

"Well Beyoncé arrived alone. She did something, I know it. She knew Nicki wouldn't turn against me. Beyoncé has never liked me or supported our marriage."

"I'm not sure, Kim, but I love you and I support you and I know we'll figure this out!!"

"I have no one except you," Kim said. "No matter how famous or powerful I get, they will never accept me. It will never be enough. I'll always be a second-class celebrity witch. They'll always call me famous for nothing, no matter what I do."

"You are not famous for nothing!! You are extremely powerful and beautiful and talented and smart and you inspire me and millions of other people around the world every day!!" 

"Are they just jealous that my social media is so much better than theirs?" Kim added. "Well, not Rihanna's, her Instagram is super good. But the rest of them? Beyoncé can't even tweet, much less summon fire demons. I just wish everyone didn't hate me so much!"

She sobbed heavily into Kanye's arms, unable to continue speaking. She was thankful North was spending the night at her Auntie Nicole's. Nicole Ritchie would protect North and keep her safe and Kim and Kanye could have this difficult conversation without fear of waking her up or worrying her.

"We have to figure this out," Kim said finally, sitting up and grabbing some tissues to wipe her face. "We have to plan. It's not safe for me here. We have to get away. It was only luck that I even made it back here. Stupid Emma tried an Unforgivable Curse on me? I mean???" 

Kim got up and began pacing around the room, replaying the evening's events in her mind. "It was terrible. They're going to come after me again, maybe even tonight. They're working together and most likely planning an attack on me. I don't know I'm going to do, I don't think I can fend them off all by myself." 

"Kim, hey!!" Kanye said. "You are not all by yourself!! Not as long as you're with me!! We're two of the most powerful beings on this planet!! There is no battle we cannot face together!! There is nothing that will keep me from destroying anyone who tries to hurt you!! You are my queen and I love you!!"

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