Chapter 11: In Between Worlds

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Kim woke up the next morning with an impossibly heavy weight pressing down on her head. She opened her eyes in drowsy panic and saw that it was Tiny Monkey, snoring lightly, half on her pillow and half on her face. When they had settled down to bed he had been resting comfortably at the foot of her bed; he must have migrated up during the course of the night.

She gently shoved him off to the side. He was like a furry little pile of bricks. "Ugh, what are you?" she asked. "You walked through a wall last night, I thought you were a ghost? But you weigh like a zillion pounds."

Tiny Monkey stirred and stretched and snuggled himself back down, then stuck his head underneath her pillow like Please stop talking to me it's zero o'clock in the morning.

Kim sat up and looked around the apartment. The delight about a quiet night in her own bed quickly dissipated as she looked around and saw the state of the loft. The place was trashed. She felt gross and needed a change of clothes and wanted this place cleaned.

"First thing is we need to find a phone today, Tiny Monkey. I need a broom emoji or something because I am not cleaning this place by hand."

Kim stretched and got up out of bed. She took one step towards the bathroom and almost tripped, stepping on a phone that was laying on the floor. "Ouch, dang," she said. She took another step and immediately almost tripped again, over another phone laying on the floor. "Dang, wth!" she said. "I keep tripping on all these phones? Wait."

More awake now, she said: "I keep tripping on all these phones." Kim stood very still and looked around the room. The floor was littered with phones.

"Tiny Monkey!" Kim screamed, leaping back onto the bed and burrowing her face into his fur. "You did this! I was so busy being freaked out last night I didn't even notice. When you were jumping from dude to dude you were stealing their phones! You are a very clever little ghost monkey, yes you are! Yes you are!"

Tiny Monkey nuzzled up to Kim briefly and then shoved her away and buried his head back under the pillow.

"ilu so much," Kim said, kissing the pillow where his head was and then reaching down and scooping up 5 phones.

"Let's see what we got here. Mama needs a new outfit for one thing."

Kim swiped through the phone a few times. "Ugh. No. Boooo. This is a man's phone, it only has men's clothes on it." She tried a few more just in case, but same deal. There weren't even any women contacts listed in the phones. It was all Dicks and Robs and Johns. Bleh. There was some money on the phones, though, so she had a few dollars in her pocket at least. She wasn't mad about that. She thought of it as back rent owed to her for the use of her loft.

"I don't suppose you stole any women's phones?" Kim asked. Tiny Monkey was silent. "No, I wouldn't have either. This is a start though. We've got the hardware. I know what we're going to do today, Tiny Monkey!"

Tiny Monkey picked his head up and looked at her.

"We're going to Hollywood. I know someone who's good at fixing phones."

Tiny Monkey blinked and shook his head and burrowed back down under the covers.

A quick Metro ride later, Kim was in Hollywood. It was kind of a bleak scene. Most of the towering letters that had spelled out KARDASHIAN on the mountains in the distance had fallen. Now only the letters ASH remained.

The Brew Palms was suprisingly hopping, with men in plaid shirts laughing and shouting and spilling out onto the sidewalk. They eyed her grossly and someone even whistled at her but she dug her fingernails into her palms and kept walking until she got to the CTM Management & Publicity building .

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