Chapter 10: The 3-Hour Party of Nightmares

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Kim got off the Metro in Tribeca, telling the Terror Trio she'd meet back up with them in Calabasas later. They protested slightly about her not coming back home with them, so she made up a story about needing to talk to someone about getting Brandon Marlo out of retirement so they could get the store opened. That satisfied them and they went on their way. They were like super intensely focused on opening the store, it was unreal.

Kim wasn't planning on sticking around KKHollywood long enough for it to matter one way or another. She would find a phone, get out of this world, and return to her own mess of a life, as soon as possible. But not tonight. She was exhausted and just wanted to crash for a few hours. She was thankful she'd purchased the loft in Tribeca. She'd always preferred the Miami condo but this was closer and good enough for tonight.

Kim walked down the street, looking for her building. Like Calabasas it was all slightly familiar but slightly different. Still, she felt her mood slightly improved, being back here. She'd always enjoyed owning different homes in different parts of the world. It was perfect for times just like this, when you only needed a safe place to rest your head and shut off the world for a few minutes. And Tribeca had already had a slightly abandoned and forsaken vibe, between the perpetually locked Ganzervele and the mysteriously empty Gates Towers, so truth be told it wasn't all that different now than it had been before. It wasn't home, exactly, but it wasn't not home, either.

She arrived at the Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts building, ran up the steps, and pulled at the door. It was locked. Umm. What the heck? Once you bought a place it was supposed to stay unlocked. She tried again, then punched the door in frustration. She stood there wondering wth she was supposed to do next. Who locks a door after you've bought a place, that's messed up.

Kim was debating getting back on the Metro when she heard noises coming from inside her apartment. She put her ear to the door and listened. Music? Laughing? Glasses clinking? Apparently there were people inside? She banged on the door a few more times and suddenly it opened.

"Hey, come on in!" said a bearded dude in a plaid shirt.

Kim stepped cautiously inside her apartment and found a group of people, mostly men, a few women here and there, in the midst of a 3-hour party.

"I'm Billy Fibergate," plaid shirt dude said. "You want a drink? We were just in the middle of a story about my personal musical journey." Billy nodded towards a woman standing nearby, but didn't introduce them.

Kim extended her hand to the woman, a C-List Stylist. "I'm Kim." The woman looked surprised and glanced from Kim to Billy and back before taking Kim's hand.

"Hi!" the woman said, smiling. "I'm Sylvia Freakosity. It'a really great to meet you!"

"Do you know whose party this is?" Kim asked.

Before Sylvia could answer, Billy continued on with the story that had been in progress before Kim arrived, although he made no attempt to catch her up.

"And I was just like, this is my musical journey, man. You have to be on the journey with me or we have to find a new drummer. Because if you're not with me, you're not with me. You know? Do you get it? I literally said that to him."

Kim tuned the man out and looked around her apartment. The place was trashed. There were cups everywhere, and gross spills on the floor. The place hadn't been cleaned in forever.

When Billy paused to take a breath Kim turned to Sylvia. "This is my apartment and I don't understand what all these people are doing here. Who do I need to yell at? Do you know who's in charge?"

Sylvia was about to respond but Billy continued, cutting her off: "So he eventually came around, and agreed to stay in the band and be a part of my musical journey. But now, honestly? I'm not sure. I think maybe I should have just found another drummer in the first place. A drummer who is like, really good at drumming?"

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