Chapter 15: The Sequel (Brandon Marlo)

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After Kim left Mirimount she rode the Metro over to the West Inn Apartments by LAX, where she'd heard Brandon Marlo was living. Along the way Kim couldn't help herself from stalking Willow's social media some more to see if there were any updates. There wasn't much, just a few tweets saying how excited she was about a casino opening at the Miraggio that she'd be attending with ~Cassio~ that night. Whatever.

More importantly and much more interesting was Ray Powers' feed. KKHollywood's semi-sleazy entertainment reporter had been tweeting about Kim, saying there was a new familiar face in town, and rumor had it that she was in the process of putting together a huge movie deal featuring a notoriously reclusive actor.

Kim would have loved it if the news was a little more about her and a little less about Brandon, but it was a start. At least her name was getting out there and people were starting to talk about her again. She felt herself relaxing a little bit along the ride. Seeing buzz about herself on social media again was like putting on a spring jacket that's been in the closet all winter and finding your forgotten favorite lipgloss in the pocket. She was in her zone and had all the tools she needed at her disposal. All she had to do was smooth-talk this shut-in and everything would really take off.

At West Inn Apartments, Kim did a final flight check to make sure her outfit and look were on point, then went inside.

"Hello? Brandon Marlo?" she said. The room was dim and shabby. Not the swanky digs you would expect a big star-even a former big star-to inhabit. It was just one room, with what looked like a towel hung over the window in place of a curtain, and an unmade bed sagging horrifically in the corner. The table and the floor around it were littered with old takeout containers that were now home to all kinds of putrescent science projects. The room reeked of sweat and mold. No sign of Brandon though.

"Hello?" she called again. "It's Kim Kardashian, I'm here to restore you to your former glory."

"Lovely to smell you, Kim," rasped a low, dark voice behind her.

A chill went down Kim's spine and her mental alarms went off but before she had time to react a man reached out and grabbed her from behind and crushed his body up against hers. Restraining her arms tightly down at her sides, he buried his face in her neck and inhaled deeply.

"HEY what the HELL pal?" she said, struggling to break his embrace.

"Dancinggggg," he whispered wetly into her ear, rocking her back and forth like doll. "We're dancinggggg."

"Hard nope on that one, Brandon," Kim said, stomping the stem of her Loubs down into his foot. He yelped in pain and released her from his embrace. Kim turned around and grabbed him, pulled him in closer, and then swiftly and expertly kneed him full in the crotch. He gasped and dropped to the floor like last season's Louis Vuitton.

"That's the only warning you're getting, Brandon. We have to talk business and I'm on a schedule," Kim said. Her eyes still hadn't quite adjusted to the dark of the room and she scanned the floor trying to see where Brandon had gotten to. She heard him dragging himself along the floor and then she felt him wrapping his arms around her legs and gripping her tightly. She almost lost her balance but caught herself just in time. She did not in any way want to be rolling around on this dude's gross floor.

"Brandon this is insolent as hell tbh," Kim said, at the end of her limited patience.

"Cuddlinggggg," Brandon rasped, giggling to himself while he clung to her legs. "Passionate Embrace, Passionate Embrace, Passionate Embrace," he repeated deliriously over and over. Kim felt his sweaty hands on her calves and thighs as he began to physically pull himself up off the floor using her body as a ladder. His hands were dangerously close to her ass before she realized what was going on.

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