Chapter 54: They Don't Love You Like I Love You

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Long update with lots of ~emotions in it. Hold on.


Kim had one hour. One hour to:

1) find Willow;

2) talk to Willow;

3) get Willow to fall back in love with her;

4) convince Willow to travel back to the real world with her.

OK! Sure!

It was just clear to her that this was the way forward. Kim needed Willow in her life. She couldn't imagine being so far away from Willow ever again. She knew it was messy and complicated and potentially insane but she didn't care. It was what she wanted, and she would find a way to make it work.

It was a lot, but she was Kim Kardashian, and she accomplished the impossible literally every day.

A glance at her phone showed that Willow was currently in the middle of an 8-hour party in the newly-opened beach-side resort town of New Jersey. Willow was celebrating the launch of Pape by Willow Pape, a bold new makeup line specifically formulated for newly-single women.

Kim changed her outfit (sheer black bodycon Wolford), took a step forward as she swiped the Rocket emoji, and found herself walking into the overly-perfumed musk of The Atlantic nightclub.

Kim stood apart from the crowd of laughing, dancing, drinking women, scanning for signs of Willow, when suddenly there hands on her, pushing her, shoving her away from the dance floor, past the curtained-off VIP area and into a small room reserved for lap dances.

Kim stumbled inside and caught herself and turned around to see who dared push her around.

It was Willow.

Willow closed the door behind them, cutting them off from the party, cocooning them in a thin envelope of muted party sounds. Willow leaned back against the door, staring at Kim, her expression unreadable.

"Oh, OK, hi," Kim said. "Look. So,"

Willow took two quick steps across the room and then her lips were on Kim's lips, her hands were were holding Kim's head, her tongue finding Kim's tongue.

Kim sank into the kiss and returned it, surprised but also totally OK with this. She slid her hands down the satiny sides of Willow's Alexander Wang dress, holding her hips and pulling her closer, not wanting there to be one molecule of space separating them.

"Finallyyyyyy," Willow quietly moaned in the tiniest space between kisses. "I missed you so much."

Kim pulled back ever so slightly, their lips still touching but only just grazing each other. "Wait, what? You did?"

Willow nodded, her eyes closed, her forehead held to Kim's. Only able to get the words "Of course" out before the urge to keep kissing Kim overpowered her.

Kim moaned, kissing Willow back, fiercely, meaningfully, inhaling the scent of ocean and salt water and freesia that she had missed so much.

"I thought you were mad at me," Kim managed to say in and around Willow's lips.

"Why, because you killed my husband?" Willow said, smiling through her kisses.

"idk, you ghosted in the cave, I got selfies with all the other witches but not the one I like the best."

Willow pulled away, breaking the kiss, looking at Kim. Kim's smile dissipated as she saw that the casual flirtiness of her statement was lost on Willow.

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