Chapter 25: Eastbound & Down

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Loong update today, lots to cover, enjoy :)


Kim arrived at Kardash Miami very first thing the next morning, bleary-eyed behind her giant sunglasses. It had been a long, bad night. She didn't want to talk about it. She wanted to finish this errand for Kris and be gone. She didn't want to see Miami again until it was in the distant background of her next selfie.

Sarah Milner, the manager of Kardash Miami, greeted Kim immediately. "Hey, Kim! Looking to take care of some things around here, or looking for help with anything?"

Kim smiled and set her bag down on the counter. "Umm, both? Kind of? I guess?"

"Do you want to help me sort handbags for an hour?"

"Ordinarily I would take you up on it, but I'm kind of on a mission today," Kim said, looking around the store. "Do you have a box or package or something here for me?"

Sarah hesitated and glanced at the door. "I'm not sure. Can you be more specific?"

Kim frowned. "No. I assume it's some clothing or fabric, maybe? Kourt's setting up a new shop in The Hamptons and she needed something from here. It might even be shelving or decorations or something, they were very non-specific. Kris just said it would be here and it needed to get brought up and it was super urgent. She's been allll on my case about it, mad stressing and calling me every day like where is it where is it."

"Ah. OK, yeah," Sarah said. "I think I know the items you mean. Come back through the store with me. You're all alone today?" Another glance back at the door. "No entourage?"

Kim forced a laughed. "Nope, just me today. Traveling solo."

"Awesome. Here it is," Sarah said. She pulled a rack of monochrome Wolford dresses out of the way, then pushed a stack of Chloe Shelby totes onto the floor, revealing a giant wooden crate. It was 5 or 6 feet long and at least 2 or 3 feet deep.

"What?" Kim said. "That? It's huge! What's in there?"

Sarah stared blankly at Kim for a moment. "Just, you know. Clothes. Men's shirts." She undid the latch and gently lifted up to the top of the crate. Inside, neatly folded and stacked and individually bagged, were an assortment of men's plaid shirts.

"WHAT?" Kim screamed and quickly clamped her hand over her mouth before she projectile vomited all over the store.


Kim saw the panicked look on Sarah's face and tried to calm down. "Sorry. I'm just so upset rn." Kim picked up the top few shirts to see what was underneath. Just more plaid. "They're not even creative designs. Gingham? WOW call Vogue. UGH. They acted like this was such an important ground-breaking thing!"

"Yeah, idk, sorry!" Sarah said, smiling nervously.

"Sorry. This is just typical. Whatever, I can't wait to be done with this mission. I just need to get this crate onto the Metro and then drop it off and then never help them with anything ever again."

"Awesome, sounds great," Sarah said, with a quick glance back at the showroom. "I'll help you bring up the other crates from downstairs."

"Others crates?" Kim said, lowering her eyes at Sarah. "What other crates?"

"There's 5 crates total."

"FI--" Kim's mouth hung open in midair, too shocked to complete the word.

Sarah nodded.


Sarah nodded.

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