Chapter 34: A Horrifyingly Romantic Dinner

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Kim raced through the villa. Willow had given her instructions on how to find the Formal Dining Room but this place was still a maze, plus she was fairly confident she was extremely late for dinner. Not that she cared, it was just the principle of the thing. People invite you to dinner, you show up on time. Maybe not dressed in a bed sheet. But whatever!

Kim rounded a corner and arrived at the Formal Dining Room but was stopped from entering by Melty Lautner, looking melty as ever.

"Are you ready to begin the Romantic Couples Dinner?" he said, in a garbled, throaty voice.

Ugh, Kim thought. Of course dinner doesn't actually start until I show up, duh.

Also: Ugh, romantic couples dinner, grossss.

"Yeah, sure, I'm ready. WAIT!" Kim said. She noticed the sign hovering above Melty Lautner's head, indicating that dinner would be a 6-hour event.

"Six hours? Dinner does not need to be 6 hours!? Come on!"

"This one does," Melty replied. "Are you ready to begin? Or would you like to come back later?"

"Can I at least invite a friend so time passes more quickly?" Kim asked.

Melty shook his head.

Clearly there was no way she was going to get through this level without completing this Romantic Dinner mission, so, fine. "Fine, let's do this, Lautner. I'm ready."

Melty stopped to let Kim pass but then stopped and gave Kim an odd look as she passed. Kim realized that although "Melty Lautner" was what she was calling him in her head, it wasn't his real name and she probably shouldn't have said it out loud. He was staring at her with a confused look, like he was about to say something. But whatever, he was gross, who cares what he thought! Kim entered the Formal Dining Room, ready for some ~Romantic Couples Dinner~ action.

 But whatever, he was gross, who cares what he thought! Kim entered the Formal Dining Room, ready for some ~Romantic Couples Dinner~ action

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Inside, Brandon, Cassio, and Willow were already seated and waiting for her. The men rose as Kim entered, doing elevator eyes up her body as they stood.

"Welcome, Kim," Cassio said.

The mention of Kim's name caused Willow to look up from her Fone. She glanced lazily at Kim and then double-taked, her eyes bugging out.

"omg is she wearing a BED SHEET?" Willow cackled. "I guess we're giving new meaning to the phrase 'tired looks' tonight."

Kim twirled and curtsied, then sat in the chair Brandon had pulled out for her, across from Willow.

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