Chapter 05: Revelations

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Taylor, Emma, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kim solemnly climbed the granite steps, up to the top of the northernmost tower of the castle. 

The room at the top of the tower smelled of sage and iron, and as the witches climbed up into it, the roof disappeared, leaving them exposed to the elements of the clear, vast, night-time sky. The moon hovered over them, wide and low and bright, casting its glow across the room. 

In the center of the rood there stood an immense, circular stone alter that had been carved from a single, enormous piece of tourmalated quartz. The smoky crystal was stricken through with black striations, like claw-marks from some terrible beast trapped beneath an ice-covered lake. 

The witches gathered around the table, forming a circle. Its surface had been decorated in a labyrinthine salt mandala, and in the center, in a low depression carved into the quartz, there was a tidily-arranged pile of small logs and twigs, Birch and Ash and Oak. 

Kim made a mental note to compliment Taylor later on her alter. She loved that it was waist-height. A lot of witches still insisted on doing their spells on the ground, which made casting very difficult in certain outfits.

The witches took out their phones and held their screens open to the sky.

"Spirits!" Taylor Swift said, her head thrown back to the night. "We call upon you to fill this space. Let it be consecrated, now and forever more. So may it be. As it is above, so it is below."

"So may it be," the other witches answered. 

Immediately the pile of logs burst into flames, flashing bright gold and crimson. Then, one at a time and around the circle, the screens of the phones began to glow, the energy channeling from one celebrity to the next. The ebbing and flowing colors of their screens mimicking those of the ever-changing fire. 

Once their energies had completed the circle, Taylor continued: "Spirits! Everything that dies has already been reborn. Everything lost has already been found. On a new day, in a new way. We present to you these offerings, that you might reveal to us their vessels. So may it be."

"So may it be," the other witches answered.

"Let us bring forth the sacred items," Taylor said. And from her robes she produced a pair of tortoise-shell glasses that had belonged to Tyler Oakley. 

"I am returning this," she said, and cast the glasses into the fire.

Rihanna was next. She held a woven lock of golden-brownish hair that had belonged to Justin Bieber. "I return this," she said, tossing the lock into the fire.

Emma Watson took out a purple and gray knit scarf that had belonged to Benedict Cumberbatch. "I return this," she said, and dropped it into the fire.

Beyoncé produced a blue and yellow and red wool cardigan that had belonged to Drake. "I'm returning this" she said, and lay it upon the fire.

Finally it was Kim's turn. She held in her hand a simple black v-neck t-shirt. Everyone recognized it as having belonged to Zayn Malik. Before throwing it into the fire, she paused and brought it up to her face, inhaling its scent. Smoke and clove and vanilla. Rihanna gave a slight nod in agreement, like she would have done the same thing. 

"I am returning this," Kim said, her voice shaking, as she threw the shirt into the fire.

"So may it be," the witches all whispered.

The ritual complete, the sacrifices made, everyone closed their eyes and focused their energies on channeling the spell. 

This was an advance seeking spell. The sacred fire released the personal energy from the items that had been sacrificed. The energy was amplified and augmented by the powers of the witches and the assembled spirits. The energy was then channeled out into the universe, to seek its home. It was sort of like water, dripping down through the rock layers of the earth over millennia, to pool in hidden caves. Like wanted to be with like. The energies wanted to be with their vessels. The witches would psychically trace the paths the energies took as they wove themselves around the world, until they found their owners.

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