Khloé Kardashian's Daughter by madisonsloane
Khloé Kardashian's Daughterby madisonsloane
Kennedy Kardashian. Khloe Kardashians daughter I do not own the Kardashians obviously. But the character Kennedy Kardashian is my creation along with the changes she has...
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Adopted by Kris Jenner by Bylerr
Adopted by Kris Jennerby Bylerr
A 6 year old girl called Katrina was adopted by the one and only Kris Jenner. Read to find out how she adapts to her new life as a Jenner/Kardashian.
  • kourtneykardashian
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The Missing Kardashian/Jenner by beth_13xo
The Missing Kardashian/Jennerby beth_13xo
Kyra is an ordinary 16 year old girl and has lived in London for as long as she can remember. Well Little does she know she is far from ordinary and the people she ca...
  • dallas
  • romeobeckham
  • khloekardashian
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Kennedy Kardashian by madisonsloane
Kennedy Kardashianby madisonsloane
Kennedy Kardashian's life, daughter of Khloe Kardashian and girlfriend to Jack Gilinsky. I do not own the Kardashians obviously or any other character in this book But...
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  • kennedykardashian
  • kimkardashian
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perѕιanι03'ѕ ranт вooĸ by Persiani03
perѕιanι03'ѕ ranт вooĸby ʟᴀɴᴀᴅᴇʟʀᴇʏ™
Here lay my unpopular opinions that may or may not be offending or rude. Don't like it, don't read it (: #4 in rants Cover by @lizzisshook Thanks liz lmao <3
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The Other Kardashian by booksbyvictoria
The Other Kardashianby victoria
Kelly Kardashian never liked her lifestyle. She hated the hype of the famous life and most definitley hated the way being famous, changed her family. Her life has always...
  • kardashianfanfiction
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Magcon GroupChat ?? (1) by souppycaniff
Magcon GroupChat ?? (1)by daddy ;)
Book one: magcon groupchat?? Book two: it's okay - Magcon Book three: what if - Magcon (book 3) Jennifer Gonzalez is randomly added to a group chat filled with teen boys...
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Being Kim Kardashian's Daughter by phmultifangirl
Being Kim Kardashian's Daughterby MultiFandom
I'm Kaira Lyqx Kardashian! Daughter of Kim Kardashian- West. This story is a peek inside the exploits and privileged private lives of the blended Kardashian-Jenner famil...
  • kourtneykardashian
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  • khloekardashian
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✔️| jenner • jra by -herronsbaby
✔️| jenner • jraby zdh🔐💘
the 6th youngest sister of the karjenners fall in love with some boy band? °°° "I love him!" "Oh please, you don't even know what love is kensley"
  • danielseavey
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My Life as a Jenner {Adopted by Kylie Jenner} by KylieKristennnJenner
My Life as a Jenner {Adopted by KylieKristennnJenner
Lauren's life suddenly changes when Kylie Jenner adopts her from the dreaded orphanage. Lauren will go through some twist and turns when finding love. Will she get along...
  • kimkardashian
  • espinosa
  • magcon
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Khloe Kardashian's Daughter by -buttahbenzo-
Khloe Kardashian's Daughterby B E C C A
Ariah Grace Kardashian is a fifteen year old girl and daughter to socialite and reality star Khloe Kardashian. Her life is quite different than her families she's not in...
  • viners
  • madisonbeer
  • khloekardashian
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kardashian | h.s. by rockstarstyles
kardashian | rockstarstyles
kaia jenner is the second youngest of the kardashian/jenner sisters. so she's been in the spotlight her entire life. no one understands this better than harry styles, he...
  • zaynmalik
  • harry
  • 1d
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Kasey Kardashian ✓ you were chosen by canwesurrender
Kasey Kardashian ✓ you were chosenby sʜᴀɪ ʟᴇᴇ ♪
• updates weekly • Kasey grew up without parents, who moved her to an orphanage after she was born. As she is thrown from one foster house to another, she doesn't know t...
  • northwest
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the Kardashians imagine by Ace12009
the Kardashians imagineby Ace
board request open
  • kimkardashian
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Karla Jenner by kardashianxjennerx
Karla Jennerby kardashianxjennerx
Karla Jenner was the youngest daughter of Kris' and Bruce. At only seventeen, when your life is all about fame and having cameras in your face it's hard to know what's r...
  • kourtneykardahsian
  • kendalljenner
  • khloekardashian
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The Life of Kyra  by httpJB
The Life of Kyra by P R I N C E S S🥀✨
Kyra Jenner. The oldest of the Jenner sisters. In every way shape or form she is just like her sisters. She has a piece of every single one of them. She's at a point in...
  • justin
  • colsonbaker
  • fanfic
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GroupChatby 🙈
Where a whole bunch of celebrities talk on one GroupChat. Sometimes they all turn a little savage!
  • kanye
  • groupchat
  • justinbieber
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Fame by _offbrandchanel_
Meet Kameron Jenner the 3rd jenner the next big thing. Kim's sex tape isn't going to be the only thing to make this family millions.
  • skatemaloley
  • madisonbeer
  • kyliejenner
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Life As A Kardashian by oliviaa_rosee
Life As A Kardashianby olivia rose
17 year old Kayla is not an average teenager Why? Because she is a Kardashian, She is Kourtney's oldest child, Most people think her life is glamourise and full of Fanc...
  • kyliejenner
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Kris' girlfriend by Ace12009
Kris' girlfriendby Ace
Kris Jenner has a girlfriend. She has not told her family. Her name is Y/n. But there finding out now! Kris (G!P)
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