Chapter 14: The Sequel (Victor Morcello)

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Early the next morning Kim was awoken by the electronic screaming of the world dying all around her. She sat up in bed, her eyes wide with panic, her hair all mussed and matted on one side. She instinctively reached for her phone for protection and realized: Oh. It was just her phone ringing.

BUT: it was Kris.

"Kim. KIM? Are you sleeping? Are you awake? What's happening???" came the tiny voice.

"Whaaaaat," Kim croaked.

"I'm checking in again to get the status of the Hamptons location since you haven't provided any updates recently."

"I just talked to you last night!"

"Yes, 12 hours ago, and what have you accomplished since then?"

Kim quietly fumed. It's always 8 hours this and 12 hours that with these people. "I don't know, what's Kourtney accomplished since then?"

"Kourtney is working very hard on her new fashion line, which is going to be for sale in the new store if you ever get it open."

"I can't just snap my fingers and make some random movie happen, there's a whole art to it, you know."

"Well how do you know that, if you're not even trying?"

Kim wanted to reach through the phone and drag her fingernails across Kris' face. She didn't want to be treated like that by her real family. she was damned if she was going to be treated like that by her fake game family. But Kris wasn't completely wrong; Kim hadn't actually done anything yet. And if she was going to raise her profile and become more famous and try to fix this world it was as good a place to start as any.

"If it was easy someone else would have done it," Kim said.

"You are someone else, sweetie. Can we count on you?"

"Yes. I'm on the case. It's all going to happen today. Just watch."

"Well I guess we'll see," Kris said, doubtfully.

Kim hung up.

She showered and selected an amazing outfit while plotting out her day. There was no sense in convincing Brandon Marlo to come out of retirement to appear in a sequel to Dark Streets if there was no sequel to Dark Streets for him to appear in, so that was step one.

She called Simon, who answered on the second ring.

"Kim! Do you recall if I drank any water at the 10AX party last night?"

"Um. I was not paying attention."

"I'm certain I did," Simon said. "I was talking to an actress at the party and trying to convince her to do some work with the Foundation and she kept saying that I was too thirsty. I explained that I was in fact very well hydrated, but she just laughed and walked away. Does that make any sense to you?"

"Who knows, probably just a weird miscommunication," Kim said, not feeling up to the daunting task of explaining the concept of thirst to Simon.

"Yes, you're probably right. So how can I help you this morning?"

"I was wondering if you could tell me who directed the Dark Streets movies."

"Dark Sheets? Kim, I don't know if I want you doing that kind of movie."


"Oh! Classic film. Directed by Victor Morcello. Short guy, great eyebrows. Why?"

"I'm trying to get Brandon Marlo out of retirement to do a sequel."

"Oh. Oh! Wow, it would be great to have him out in the spotlight again. I know Cassio was interested in having Brandon be involved with the Foundation at one point. Brandon was an incredible young actor but he became a bit of a recluse. A lot of people have tried to make that sequel happen, but they all failed."

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