Chapter 20: Miami Regalia

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When Kim arrived in Miami she went right to Lif. If there was ever a photo shoot or brand launch in Miami, the club was literally the only place in the city it could be held. But at that moment it was just the usual hungry-looking dudes trying to get Kim's number, no sign of Willow or a photo shoot or anything. As Kim walked back out into the piercing sunlight it occurred to her that maybe she should have had, like, a plan? Or something?

She had no real interest in going to Kardash to be Kourtney's errand girl, but Kim was determined to not leave Miami without accidentally-on-purpose running into Willow. She decided she might as well kill some time by checking out her old beach-side condo.

As she walked in that direction she wondered if she would find it had locked and taken over by dudes like her Tribeca loft had been. But Kim had her phone now, breaking in would be easy enough with an Open Lock emoji. And punching out guys in fedoras in order to reclaim one's property is never not a perfectly acceptable way to kill a few hours.

But to Kim's surprise the locks hadn't been changed--she was able to get inside no problem.

"Hello?" she called, poking her head and then the rest of her body into the front room. "Goatteed fedora bros? Saggy ponytail dudes covered in webs? Anyone?"

There was no answer--the condo was dead silent. Weird. But even weirder: it looked almost exactly the same as Kim had left it. There was her giant horse statue that cost 50 K-Stars. There was her over-priced portrait of a hot air balloon. Through the windows she could see the chaise lounges and umbrella table she'd picked out for her gracious veranda.

Looking around the condo, she started to get a little overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions. This had been her main home the last time she'd lived here and it was filled with memories. This was where she'd met the creepy witch sisters Mary, Kate, and Ash. It had also been the last place she'd been in KKHollywood. This was where she'd realized the depth of her feelings for Willow, but said goodbye anyway. This was where she'd made Willow be the one to end Kim's game and send her home. To basically accept on Kim's word alone that there was another world that was going home to.

How weird must that have sounded, how terrifying it must have looked to Willow. At the time, Willow had said it felt like she was watching Kim die, but Kim had been quick to dismiss Willow's feelings, insisting there was no reason for Willow to feel that way. Kim had been so ready to get out, so eager to get back to her family that she hadn't really stopped to fully understand Willow's perspective. Because she couldn't? Or maybe because she was afraid to? Thinking back on it now, Kim wondered whose emotions she'd really been brushing aside.

Kim's moody reverie was interrupted by a rustling sound from the bedroom. She froze, certain she had heard something, waiting to hear it again.

"Hello? Is someone here?" Kim said, her pulse quickening. She heard a low growl, and then the sound of sharp nails scrabbling on tile, some creature building up speed as it bore down on her. Before she could back away or raise her phone it was there, a furry hell-beast, launching itself up off the floor. In her shock and surprise she was caught off balance and the creature sent her toppling to the ground. She didn't even have time to scream, she just saw eyes and teeth and felt its hot breath and then it came closer and--

--a rough, raspy tongue licked all the way across her face.

"EWW!! WHAT? HEY!" Kim sputtered. She sat up and pushed the animal away before it could lick her face again. Now that she could actually get a decent look at it, she saw that it was not a horrid sentry creature from the depths of Hell itself, it was just a cute, fluffy little dog whose eyes were partially hidden behind its floppy fur, and whose tongue hung lazily out of its mouth as it panted expectantly up at her.

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