Chapter 21: The Dress

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HI EVERYONE. This chapter is a bit DIFFERENT from previous chapters. (i.e. it features slightly more mature/adult content than other chapters). So read ahead if you are interested in slightly smutty Killow fic BUT if you aren't, you can just safely skip ahead to the next chapter-- you won't miss anything plot-wise.


Willow stood just inside the bedroom door, leaning against the wall, looking at Kim. Something complicated and hard to read--a mixture of bemusement and resignation--floated around behind Willow's eyes.

"I feel like I said something about you needing to leave and not come back," Willow said, finally.

"I vaguely recall that," Kim said, smiling. "But: I always do what I want."

Willow arched her eyebrows and nodded, like she was filing away an interesting piece of information. "Sometimes it's good to do the things people tell you to do. Sometimes you think you know what you're doing but really you have no idea. And when someone is telling you do to something you don't want to do, they are just trying to help you, even if you don't want to hear it. Like with me and Regalia."

"OMG I love him by the way, he's the literal best," Kim said.

"He is," Willow said. "But he's got an attitude, and you can't tell him anything, and he does not take any lip of any kind. So we were rocky at the beginning. You know, I was kind of stuck in my ways, fashion-wise. I resisted some of his ideas at first. But he wore me down. He made me listen. And he was right. I can't complain about the results, can you?" Willow asked, smoothing her white halter dress down over her hips.

Kim's eyes followed Willow's hands. "Yeah. Is that Torn by Ronny Kobo? It's so cool." Willow pushed off the wall and turned so Kim could see the back of the dress. "You like it?" she asked, over her shoulder, letting Kim's eyes admire her.

"I really do," Kim said.

Kim felt a sort of electricity vibrating around the room. Part of it was that this was the room, this was where Kim had woken up one morning to find Willow sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but a towel. This was the room where she'd realized what she felt for Willow. That their relationship wasn't just an uneasy truce between formal rivals. That they weren't quite just friends. That there was something else. And this was where she'd said goodbye, thinking she would never get another chance to see Willow again. This was the room. And now here they were again, alone, testing the tenuousness of this connection, whatever it was, between them. Kim could barely breathe. Her heart was doing that thing again, where it felt like it was going to burst out of her chest. But now, instead of scary and weird it felt right. Like this was exactly what was supposed to happen.

"So did you two have fun going through all my clothes?" Willow asked.

"No! I mean yes! I mean, I was just helping him organize everything."

"You didn't finish," Willow said. Kim gave her a confused look, then looked over and saw the ruffly red skirt with the white top, Willow's signature dress, still draped over the chair by the vanity table.

"Oh! That. Yeah. We were just, you know. Looking at it."

"You were making fun of me?"

"No! Just, we were talking about clothes and looking at outfits and that was one of them."

"Mm-hmm," Willow said. She looked from the outfit to Kim and back, turning an idea over in her mind. Then, quietly and decisively, Willow reached out and gently closed the bedroom door, locking it.

"You should finish organizing my clothes. It's rude to just leave my stuff out like that."

"Okaaaay," Kim said.

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