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Who Would've Thought by beyatch_
Who Would've Thoughtby carter
BeyNika ??
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The Real One by _Dancer_jay
The Real Oneby Dancer jayyyy
How did we get like this, I thought I gave him my all and it all came crashing down on me. I lost everything and I can't do anything about it, I'm all on my own. Wheneve...
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To Be A Carter by Imani-Joy
To Be A Carterby Imani_Joy
10 years ago Rap mogul JayZ and Singer Beyoncé retired to take their kids out of the limelight . The Carter kids are now teenagers with problems of their own . After esc...
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Player's Guide by YahTheDon
Player's Guideby Papa🧠💙
Onika was never the type to want for something for too long. Wanting wasn't her thing, having was. She doesn't want Beyoncé because she knows how Beyoncé's brothers ope...
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All Falls Down by sweetn3sss
All Falls Downby sweetn3sss
Just read😒💕👀!
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A Mother's Bond by ThatKidSway
A Mother's Bondby ThatKidSway
What would you do if you found out your whole life was a lie? Sarayah Thompson is forced to answer this question when she finds out the woman she called her mother, abdu...
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Mr & Mrs by ShrazyMe
Mr & Mrsby ShrazyMe
No relation to Rafael Palomino.
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Meant To Be by Tomtom203
Meant To Beby Beyoncé💟
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Taking What's Mine by Bvnkroll_DaDa
Taking What's Mineby Bvnkroll_DaDa
"W-Wait baby I-I have to tell you something." Staring into her beautiful eyes, I could tell she really wanted me. I could tell that nothing was more important...
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Beyoncé imagines  by Slime-Zaddy
Beyoncé imagines by Daddy
Beyoncé/ you(G!P) Just a bunch of oneshots. Some of the oneshots I did already using different characters.
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Celebrity Imagines  by Captain_smile
Celebrity Imagines by Captain_smile
Imagines with some of the world's most gorgeous women.🥵 G!P WARNING ⚠️ P.S. I'm fairly new at writing so read at your own risk! 😄
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I'LL SHOW YOU by Ntsiyonce
I'LL SHOW YOUby Ntsiyonce
Life as a teenager these days is a bit tricky. Its like a merry go around; you're up and you're down, going in circles trying to find your way out. You're trying to figu...
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Journee's Journey by Superflexigirl
Journee's Journeyby Superflexigirl
What happens when a young girl's father dies and she has to live with her mother? Will she like her? How will she feel after all these years? What about her old life? No...
QUEEN by michaelsbabyhairs
QUEENby 𝔍𝔞𝔠𝔨𝔰𝔬𝔫 58
"And yeah I wanna be, wanna be Queen." 👑 It's the 1960s, a tough decade in life as is. Also, the music decade. Sounds from Detroit and Motown was the place to...
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Not Expected [BeyoncexCiara] *COMPLETED* by Panda_Cape0o0
Not Expected [BeyoncexCiara] * Unicorns♏️
DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ! You have been warned! Beyoncé's been having a hard time getting over her and Jay-Z's divorce, and raising her baby, Blue, all by herself. Then, C...
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I'm in love with my bestfriend (COMPLETED) by ayyeegetit1
I'm in love with my bestfriend ( ayyeegetit1
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Love through music by cookie_jamal
Love through musicby cookie_jamal
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Bow Down ▹ Michael Jackson by wavyonce
Bow Down ▹ Michael Jacksonby ㅤ
❝if music be the food of love, play on.❞ [thriller era - death]
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Find Her! by Brokebey
Find Her!by Brokebey
15 years have went by since Beyoncé's daughter was kidnapped...