Chapter 32: Cassio's Plan

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Kim's feet were cold. Now that the sun was setting--darkness taking over the sky, seeping in through the windows, crawling across the ceiling--the opulent, glamourous villa was starting to turn into your garden variety drafty-ass old mansion.

Willow was curled up against Kim's chest, basically purring. Kim didn't want to disturb her but she wasn't going to just deal with having cold feet so she gently adjusted the comforter to cover up their legs better.

Willow stirred and wrapped her arm more tightly around Kim's waist. Kim ran her fingers through Willow's hair, taming the mess they'd made of her.

"I can't believe you were waiting in my room for me," Kim said quietly, almost to herself.

"Technically I was waiting in your bathroom," Willow said, without opening her eyes. "Not everyone gets that treatment."

"It's it, like, dangerous for you to be here with Cassio close by?"

Willow lifted her head, her hair falling over her eyes as she nipped at the corner of Kim's mouth. "I like dangerous," she said, settling back down on Kim's chest. "But no, he's busy with Foundation stuff. Like all the time. The villa's a big place. We live surprisingly separate lives."

Kim continued lazily running her fingers through Willow's hair. She felt Willow's soft breath skating along her skin.

"Besides," Willow sighed. "It was his idea to invite you here."

"Wait, whose, Cassio's?" Kim said. "I thought it was Brandon's."

"LOL. Do you honestly think Brandon has ever had an original thought in his head? He's a box of hair. Cassio has plans and his plans all involve you. He strongly encouraged Brandon to invite you."

"Like what kind of plans involve me?"

"All different stuff. The Foundation has a new product he wants you to be the spokesperson for. A line of makeup based off of Instagram filters."

"Hmm. I'm intrigued, I guess. But the Foundation is selling phones and makeup? I thought it was a non-profit."

"Who told you that? Anyway it's going to be a big deal. It's a high profile project for him. Working on it means you'll be here a lot." Willow tilted her head up and pressed her lips to Kim's neck. "It means," Willow said, slowly working her way up Kim's neck, tiny licks, tiny pulls on Kim's skin between her lips and teeth, "We'll have to work together. Very closely."

Kim arched her back and turned her head, giving Willow access to do whatever she wanted to her. "OK I like the sound of that," Kim hummed.

Willow put her hand on Kim's face and forcefully guided Kim's mouth to hers. Her kisses were soft but demanding, insistent.

"I'm so glad you're not mad at me," Kim said, sneaking the words out in between kisses.

Willow slowly ended the kiss and settled back on the pillow, her eyes searching Kim's, her hand caressing the side of Kim's face.

"Why would I be mad at you," Willow asked.

"Because I was being a potato head in Miami. And because Khloé and them are trying to social media battle you."

"Pssh. The social media battle was my idea, remember? It's what I wanted. I can handle Khloé. She's just helping me build buzz, whether she means to or not. And you were not being a potato head in Miami."

"Yes I was," Kim said. "I was being stupid and needy and acting all lame because I couldn't see you more."

"I like that you want to see me more," Willow said. "I want to see you more too, in case you haven't noticed." Willow gently traced her fingers around the curve of Kim's contoured cheek. "All I've ever wanted is to be with you."

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