Chapter 04: The Council Assembles

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At 15 minutes before midnight, Kim stood in front of a gilt-framed full-length mirror in one of her many dressing rooms. She knew she looked amazing, but eyed her reflection carefully to ensure that no detail was out of place. Where she was going, one stray eyebrow hair and she would never hear the end of it. She knew what they thought of her. She knew they were just looking for a reason to revoke her status as an A-list High Priestess.

But honestly? they would have a very difficult time tonight. Her look was beyond fleek - Céline coat, vintage Alaia bodysuit, Balmain skirt, Guiseppe Zanotti boots, hair glossy black and perfect. She was ready. She could do this.

She just really, really did not want to go to the castle. It was always bad at the castle. She hated feeling competitive with other witches and in her everyday life it was easy to just focus on her self, let awesomeness flow through her, and not be stressed by other people's opinions. But being stuck in a room with them, knowing they were judging her, knowing they'd be exchanging looks and talking about her as soon as she turned her back...

She stared at her reflection and let her look fill her with confidence. She inhaled slowly, using her breathing techniques to calm her blood.

They hated working together. They would all much prefer to stay interacting with their own perfect little covens. But it was necessary. There were more disappearances every day and things were getting bad. If they were going to figure things out, working together, weaving their magics in unison, was the best bet. And the sooner they started the sooner they'd be finished. So OK.

Kim exhaled evenly and took out her phone. She opened the camera and stared into the mirror, directly at the reflection of the lens. She found her angles and pressed the button and the phone made the fake camera shutter noise. As soon as the click began, the room behind her blinked off, and when the click was finished, she had been transported, the new room blinking into existence behind her, reflected now in a different mirror.

She turned away from the new mirror--full-length and not so much framed as seemingly embedded into a tree trunk that had somehow emerged up out of the hewn stone floor--and faced the room. It was a low-lit room in dark mahogany and crimson. The room was ringed by full length mirrors similar to the one Kim had just arrived through, ensconced in tree trunks whose roots wound themselves into every corner of the room. A chandelier that looked like a woven thicket of thorny branches, hung high overhead. Tiny lights, which barely illuminated the room, rotated slowly in and around the branches, like swirling snowflakes, or fairies.

Directly below, on a raised dais in the center of the room, was a throne of bright gold and forest green silk. There sat Taylor Swift. And curled on Taylor's lap was her maiden acolyte, Karlie Kloss, purring like a kitten while Taylor stroked her hair.

"Hi Taylor!" Kim said, forcefully injecting bright levity into her voice. "Thanks for having us over. Am I the first one here?"

"Hi Kim!" Taylor said. "Yes, welcome to Castle Swift! Oh em gee I love your dress??? Karlie, don't you love Kim's outfit?"

Karlie turned and did lazy elevator eyes on Kim. She nodded in the affirmative then closed her eyes and insistently pushed her head back into Taylor's hand, demanding more pets.

"Thanksss," Kim said, looking around the room, praying Please someone else get here soon and do not leave me alone with these two.

Her prayers were answered. She heard a camera shutter click over to her left and then Emma Watson was standing one mirror over. Emma turned to face the room and immediately rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, Taylor, who puts a throne in their portal room?" Emma turned to give Kim and gave her an Are you seeing this too? look. Kim shrugged.

"Welcome, Emma. I just like to be comfortable while I'm waiting for you witches to arrive."

Taylor leaned in to whisper something in Karlie's ear. Karlie giggled and slid off Taylor's lap. Taylor gave her a light smack on her bottom as Karlie hopped down to the floor and skipped out of the room.

Kim looked over at Emma, whose eyes were completing another long circuit around their sockets. "Kim," Emma said, greeting her primly.

"Emma, hello." Kim said.

Then there was another camera click, but this one had a loud, jazzy horn blast layered on top of it. Beyoncé appeared in front of one of the mirrors across the room. She threw her arms wide. "Beyoncé has arrived!" she declared.

Everyone said hi. Beyoncé just stood there with her arms stretched wide. "I guess I'll remove my own coat?" she said finally. "Honestly Taylor, you have handmaidens." Beyoncé shrugged herself out of her jacket and tossed it up over a nearby branch.

"They're preparing the room," Taylor said.

"Umm where's Nicki?" Kim said.

Beyoncé looked around the room. "Is she not here?"

Kim and Taylor shook their heads. "Transparently not," Emma said.

"Well she's supposed to be. She left before I did. She said she'd meet me here."

"Great," Kim said. "So now we don't know where Nicki is?"

"And we need a fifth for the circle," Taylor said. "I could call Selena or Lorde?"

"You can't incorporate witches from your own coven," Emma said. "That defeats the entire purpose of a universal locator spell. It can only be conducted by witches who are unbound to each other."

"Well, fine! Gosh, Emma!" Taylor said. "Sorry for making a suggestion! Any other ideas? It's almost midnight, just F Y'alls I."

"I shall split myself in two," Beyoncé said. "Sasha Fierce will be our fifth."

Kim was about to make a catty remark about the two parts of Beyoncé's self still only equalling one witch when another camera click echoed through the room. This time, layered on top of the click, there was a dissonant squawk of fierce electric guitars. A plume of smoke immediately filled the room.

Kim was pissed. Everyone was making better entrances than she had. Apparently she had missed the memo about how everyone was putting aftermarket sound effects on their cameras now. She was going to figure out how to do that the second she got home.

When the smoke dissipated, standing in the room, tall and elegant in pink Dior, was Rihanna.

"Whatagwan, sisters," Rihanna said, carefully eyeing the assembled witches. "I heard you needed a fifth."

"Where's Nicki?" Emma said.

"Not here," Rihanna said simply, with barely concealed disdain. "You need me, I'm happy to save the day, you're welcome, now can we get started? Rhode Island creeps me the fück out."

"OK!" Taylor said, jumping down from her throne, her long hippie print skirt billowing. "Two minutes to midnight! Let's go! My spell room is upstairs!" She ran out of the room beckoning for the witches to follow her.

"Tay-Tay keeps putting exclamation points on every word she says and she is going to catch these hands," Rihanna muttered.

The witches quickly filed out after Taylor, leaving Kim last in line.


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