Hey, it's been a while hasn't it?!

I have missed so much writing for you guys but luckily I have started writing Life as an Undercover Star.

I recently posted (which is now deleted) a part about a book cover competition for a new story (life as an undercover star). 

First off I would like to say sorry for all my entries as I have left them waiting for AGES. Hope you all had a good 2015 ;)

My new book will not be cut short and have a horrible ending like this one - this will actually be a well thought out story!


I'm very proud to announce this is my winner,
The cover attached xx

I would like to thank as I'm deeply grateful for all the people who supported me through writing this (this may seem cheesy but I mean it)
As I am not in perfect health because of some sickness I tend to catch a lot of the time.

136k reads wowwww I was excited about 10 aha

For the last time (until my other book)...

Stay funky <3
Bella x

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