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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 25: A few months later

*A few months later...*

"Jake! Put me down!" I say, laughing as I am on my boyfriends back.

Jake, being the immature teenage boy he is, ignores me and continues running around the back garden.

I see Chloe and Spencer in the distance, cuddling and laughing.

I see Toby with Olivia - I am still uncertain about this relationship, but hey, they seem happy and luckily by making amends with Olivia, it means that I can actually stand being in her presence.

Zach's mystery boy that he had a crush on was of course my best friend Brian, and they dated for a month or so but they realised that they just weren't made for each other.

Fortunately Brian has a new boyfriend and I think Zach is happy living life at the moment.

Tim and Phil are still the idiots they have been since middle school. Tim's slowed down on the chicks and finally noticed there are more important things in life than being laid.

As for me? I haven't been this happy since what feels like forever.

"Babe, I need to go get something to drink, c'mon." I say, banging on his back.

"Okay, but this isn't over Clumsy!" he rebuts before lowering me to the ground.

I giggle before jogging over to the kitchen, and notice Mary making lunch for us.

"Hey Mary!" I say brightly, opening the fridge.

"Sam, we need to talk." Immediately Mary's voice make my mood change.

"What is it?" I question her with fear of what it may be.

She looks me dead straight in the eye before replying; "Your dad called."

~The End~

Hi guuyyyyss

again, it's been a few of months... :((

I'm sorry that this is probably, most likely a bad move but I have decided to skip forward a couple of months, especially as this is the last chapter.

I'm sorry but I did this for fun, and to be honest, I have had times stressing over this which I have defiantly not enjoyed!! And I'd like to thank all the people who were nice to me and understood my decisions towards this book.

I have got the odd comment about my commitment to this book and other things... The next book I plan on doing will be completed before hand so don't hold your breath waiting for it to come out as it may take a couple of years ahah.

SOoo, last update I mentioned some ideas of mine for what I want to do with my next book and I had a lot of help- thanks so much for all those people!!!!

It turns out that a lot of people liked #5 which was the idea about a girl linked up with an agency and is secretly becoming a star...

everyone said they liked this idea because it is uncommon and I really appreciate you guys telling me that because I did come up with this idea by scratch!!! The others were really based off other books I've read but I've made different .

ANyways, there is one person who I'd like to mention, because not only did she give good advice, but she just happened to be the creator of the front cover of this book!!! I'm personally in love with it so thank you wickedzone!!!

I could never thank you guys enough for the support!


and don't forget to stay funky <3

Bella x

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