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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 15: I don't care if it's illegal

"Last Friday night; Yeah, we danced on tabletops; And we took too many shots;" I scream while on top of a table with a glass in my hand, containing something strong, most likely straight vodka.

All my vision is starting to get blurry.

From what I can remember in this moment of time, I've heard that there can be loud drunks, and quiet drunks.

Do you think I'll pass for a loud one?

Chloe is on the table next to me and being as loud as I am. I stop dancing and screaming lyrics of a song I don't even know and focus my attention on Jake, Spencer and Zach who are close to us, but on the ground. I can tell Jake is a quiet drunk because he is laughing at Spencer and Zach doing The Margarita dance in total offbeat of the song. Jake looks up to me and spares me a smile, to be honest, I can't even tell if he's that drunk at all. He doesn't compare to anyone in here besides from the few sober people. Olivia is missing and I can see her nowhere.

The last people at the party and looked older than Courtney and Jonas left around half an hour ago. I have no idea where Mary and Chris disappeared to, but I wouldn't blame them if they wanted to disappear because they don't want to be in a room with rowdy teenagers and young adults.

I smile back to Jake. I hop off the table, trying my best to not to show anything in this tight dress, luckily the floor is clean, not that any of these waiters floating around wouldn't clean up a mess as soon as it comes, but I am in bare feet and I would prefer not to have a liquid substance on my feet. In the whole fuss of wearing heels, I've only managed to have them on for less of tonight then more, when I got Chloe to finally let me take them off, she took hers off too!

Jake and I start walking towards each other. "How are you tonight?" Jake says and smirks at my wobbliness.

"I'm finnnee," I stretch out the end of fine, "Where's your little slut?" I ask him and watch as his eyebrows raise at me, most likely surprised by my form of swearing.

But boy, I'm no longer innocent! 

"I'm not entirely sure, but I think she went into one of the bathrooms." Jake looks over to a bathroom door for a second before looking back at me, "You want to go outside and get some air?"

"What?" I tilt my head at him, bring my left ear closer to my shoulder, "But I am already breathing oxygen which is in air, so therefore, we already have air." I state smartly, but jumbled and slurred.

Jake smiles at me, in some way that I feel like I've never been smiled at before.

The alcohol is getting to me...Scratch that, the alcohol has gotten me long before now.

He grabs my arm and pulls me softly and takes me out to the deck.

It's definitely cooler out here than inside but it's not too cold. The body heat and sweat was really getting to me. 

We sit down on the edge of the deck, and let our legs hang over.

"When are you leaving?" Jake says out of nowhere. "Like I mean, you're living here."

"Leaving this house? Wow, you really want to get rid of me." I state, a bit surprised by his question.

"Sam, I'm serious. You have been here for months. When are you going back home?" he asks, looking me dead straight in the eye.

I resist the urge to reply, 'Hello serious, I'm Sam.' but I bite my tongue on that because after all, he is serious.

I am pretty confused on why he is asking me this right now, "Can I tell everyone tomorrow when they're all sober?" I ask, happy that I can get the words out properly and not slur them.

Jake nods his head and turns his head away from me and looks over the acres of grass in front of him, "Yeah, and when you're sober too." he mutters, maybe not trying to let me hear even though I did hear anyway.

"Waiter!" I break the silence by yelling. "Give me another drink!"


 I run in circles, on the tiles surrounding the pool, flapping my arms up and down.

I would jump in the pool but this dress is already uncomfortable enough without it being wet.

It must be close to two in the morning and I was lying down on the grass for an hour or so, taking sips of any drink I can get my hand on. I'm too drunk to even think I'm the drunkest I've been right now.

I've had this dress on for so many hours, I think it wouldn't matter if I go up to my room and change. Chloe and Courtney are probably passed out anyway.

I stop my rebellious running around the pool and go inside. 

I must be one of the only ones awake here because inside I can't see a single person standing up.

Wait no, there is a guy who looks to be around my age and is dancing with...somthing? I can't tell what it is. Maybe one of Mary's statues?

Anyway, everyone else is passed out on the ground or some odd place.

I run upstairs and spot Jake leaning up against the part of wall right next to his bedroom door. I go and take a seat next to him. "Jake, Jake, what are you doing up so late?" I sing-song a rap to him.

He looks over to me so our faces are inches apart. He starts to lean in and because I'm not in my right state, I stay still.

Our lips touch and I can taste the beer on him. I'm not certain if I like this kissing business, I mean this is my first kiss and it didn't really live up to my expectations, I thought I was going to die alone, happily.

We push each other's lips harder against one another and I feel him slip his tongue in, and even though I may of thought this was disgusting the whole of my life, I let his tongue massage my tongue.

"Jake, come back to bed!" I hear a whiny voice say before a gasp.

And right now, I knew I was in for it.


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