Chapter 13: It's party organising time!

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Picture of the Tanner's backyard, pretend that is not the house and the bottom level of a different house facing the backyard is the kitchen which has lots of glass doors and glass walls leading out to a huge deck which will be going to each end of the house (which isn't there but use your imaginations- the picture of the front of the house is on chapter 1) and that the lawn size is huge!!!


A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 13: It's party organising time!

"Rise and Shine my darling!" I hear Courtney's voice sing.

Light floods through my room. "Courtney, close the blinds!" I yell with a groan.

"Not going to happen sister, we've got a big day ahead of us!" she chants and starts pulling my covers off.

Big day...Am I getting my cast off?

Nope, not for a few more weeks.

"Um, short term memory problems, what is happening today?" I ask Courtney.

She scoffs, "Part-ay!" She jumps up and down as she takes all of my covers off my bed so I am freezing.

"No, please say I'm still sleeping and having a nightmare." I cross my fingers.

"You're wide awake now and you need to get up! I can't wait for you any longer, we're setting the place up downstairs on the portable deck in the backyard."

Oh yes, the portable deck in the backyard. You may be thinking, the portable deck? Backyard for a formal party? Wow that's really high class, note the sarcasm. But no. The portable deck is huge! And Courtney chose the setting because she knew it would be amazing weather, it's on the side of the house which faces their massive back garden.

Construction workers came just to build a deck which would be taken out after the party supposably. I personally think they should keep the deck because it looks like it would've cost thousands to have for permanent. The huge deck is linked to the back of the house where the kitchen is with glass doors in between them. When all the guests arrive, they will be lead through the house to the kitchen which will be all opened up to the deck and then the rest of the back yard's golf-course lawn and their pool more on the far side in the middle of the backyard. I have never been in their backyard, whenever I need to practice for soccer, it would be at school or at the park ten minutes away on my skateboard. I don't know why I haven't been out there, I guess I always presume that I would be invading the Tanner's space. Especially because I personally haven't seen the doors ever opened. There aren't even fences separating the other neighbours, there are hedges instead. From my own point of view, I think their backyard is too stunning for a magazine.

"Maybe let me sleep in for half an hour? Maybe an hour?" I ask and look over to the clock which reads 12:30. "Good golly, I'm starving, I missed breakfast; the most important meal of the day, I am not going to miss lunch!"

You could say that I got out of bed as fast as a kangaroo jumps to it's joey. I am not even sure if kangaroos jump fast to their joey...I know I wouldn't.

"Get changed and come down stairs, Everyone helping, is already here." Courtney states while leaving my room and shutting my bedroom door behind her politely.

I quickly run over to my closet and grab some jeans and a tournament top and shove them on before running to the bathroom, brushing my hair a bit and then slip my hair into a ponytail. I do my teeth then I slip on some socks and nike frees.

I make my way down the stairs in a rush. I hear yells coming from the kitchen before I see what is going on. I walk into the kitchen and my jaw almost drops in an amused and slightly shocked matter. There are people everywhere, the only people I recognize is all of the Tanner's, including Toby. There is also Jonas, Spencer and Chloe. I do notice some of the chefs and maids of the house running around which I have become to know them quite well on a personal level, I mostly know Rose because she makes my bed when I'm too lazy to do it and gives me food when I am too lazy to get it myself.

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