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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 5: The soccer tryouts

My dad's assistant called me this morning to tell me my dad will not only be gone for six months or so but may have to 'stay...longer'.

If someone told me my dad had cheated on my mom when she was alive I probably would have gone against it but after her funeral I can see my dad's lack of emotion towards my mother.

Six months may be a great deal to someone but to me this is the usual amount and once he came home he would be at work 24/7 or would go on yet another work trip. This is how my mom and my bond was so close together, my dad would never be home and my mom and I counted on each other for everything.

Without my mom this time, it's really hard. I have only just started living with the Tanner's and I already feel like I haven't seen my mom for years and that she may have forgotten about me.

Jake, Zach, Courtney and Mary even have all tried to get me talking about my dad and the issue with my mom but I stay silent and I think by now they have given up.

I sit down waiting for my English class to start. I spot Chloe walk through the door and give her a slight wave so she sees me and comes and takes the free spot next to me.

"How are you?" Chloe greets me.

"Tired, Zach was having music on all night. I swear that dude never sleeps."

The teacher walks into the room and clears his throat indicating that class is starting.

Classes goes on for ages I end up looking at the clock watching every minute past by until it comes to lunch.

Chloe and I stand in the cafeteria line and we get our food and sit down on a table.

"No, so what I'm saying is, chocolate has always been original ice cream flavour. Vanilla and strawberry just... came and tried to take over." I swear it feels like we are a prefect friend match Chloe and I, she helps me out with my anger issues and gets me calm even though of our incedent a few days ago.

"But strawberry is a personal favourite over many people of the population of the world and-" she gets cut off by a person who slams their tray next to me.

"Are you guys having an argument about ice cream?"

"Hey Spenc" I say without having to look at him. Chloe raises an eyebrow but I just ignore her. My friendship may have grown between Spencer and Chloe these past couple of days although Jake is still being a pain in the strawberries.

"What's up ladies?" he digs into his meal. "I see you've made some new friends which is a... girl?"

"Yes and this girl has been my friend for a couple of days now and you have been completely ignoring her" I punch Spencer's shoulder lightly.

Spencer grins sheepishly. "Sorry," he mumbled. "but how can you put up with her! Seriously?" he asks Chloe.

Chloe smirks at me "I have my ways."

I finish my meal and as I stand up someone whispers in my ear "Hey beautiful" I elbow Jake in the stomach.

"Let's go Chloe." I smile sweetly. "Spencer... Jake" I nod my head at them.

"Wait, Sam, you coming to the soccer tryouts this afternoon?" Spencer calls out after me.

"How would I ever miss it!" I give him a grin before heading off to the lockers with Chloe.

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