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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 12: Go hug a cactus

Jake ignores Mr Corneil and catches my stare at him until we both are caught in a deep stare off.

Jakes is the first one to break the stare and walk over and sit in a desk a desk away from me so there is only one desk separating us.

"Hey Jake," I say coolly.

"Hey McClain, what brings you here?" Jake gives me a bro shake.

"If you ask me, I think-" I nod towards a sleeping Mr Corneil in his desk, "he is on his man period." I whisper so I don't accidentally wake Mr Corneil up.

I bet you're thinking that I'm being amazingly nice to this man by letting him get his beauty sleep but noooo- you are wrong, I'm gonna sneak out cause I'm badass.

Jake quietly chuckles. Like me, he's trying not to wake Mr Corneil up.

I do a quick yawn and lean back on my chair, using the desk behind me for support. I place my legs on my desk and cross one foot over the other. "Anyways, what brings you here?"

He seems quite hesitant to tell me. "Um, you know the usual."

I look over at Jake and raise an eyebrow at him, he has the back of his chair facing me and is straddling it the opposite way so he is facing me. "The usual?" I ask.

"Yeah, I-I was found skipping class..." He looked into space, trying to find anything to look at beside me.

"Why would you need to skip class?" I tilt my head to the side at him and he looks back over to me.

"I was with Olivia." he deadpanned.

"Oh, the infamous girlfriend." I chuckle and lean further back into my chair breaking my glance at Jake and stare up at the ceiling.

"Yeah, I um guess."

What is wrong with him, I want my old friend back, the one I had before Spencer and Jake had this...thing going on with them and before I caught him snogging his girlfriend.

We settle in this awkward silence, I could see out of the corner of my eye, Jake was moving around and fidgeting.

I get up from my seat and brush off the nonexistent dirt off my clothes and grab my bag and address Jake to move out of my way.

"What? What are you doing?" Jake asks getting up.

"I'm ditching this, what else?" I scoot past him and make my way to the doorway.

"Hold up, wait for me!" Jake whisper-shouts at me, not wanting to wake Mr Corneil.

After he gathers his things, we both make our way to the car park of the school. I hop into the passenger seat of his car while he sits in the drivers seat.

Thank god Jake was in detention or I may of had to walk for miles to get back to the house...ha, probably not. I would just get Chloe or Spencer to pick me up. I'm a lazy bum, especially with a broken wrist.

I put my arm on the middle compartment between Jake and I.

Jake turns out of the school's parking lot and then continues down the road. I see him in the corner of my eye put his arm up and place his hand on top of mine.

I quickly move my arm as fast as Jake does himself.

"Oh ah, sorry." Jake quickly mutters.

I laugh, trying to make it less awkward, "It's fine but don't go any further than that, you need to remember you have a girlfriend." I tut at him in a joking matter.

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