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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 22: Stay the night

"Don't be silly, it is already late. You'll fall asleep driving!" Mary tells Brian.

"Don't worry Mrs Tanner, I'm sure we'll be fine. It was our fault coming here and staying too late."

Mary shakes her head at Tim, Brian and Phil. They're all standing in front of the door, Phil and Tim not minding to stay the night but Brian insisting that they need to get back to their homes. I was just there listening to what is happening.

"Young boys, you guys are staying the night whether you like it or not, better make phone calls to those at home because I'm setting up the spare bedroom, unfortunately it is the only spare bedroom we have, due to Sam staying with us, but I'm sure you boys will be able to makedo." Mary tuts at them.

"Okay, but we're most definitely leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you Mrs Tanner for showing your hospitality, today was truly wonderful and dinner was delicious!" Brian said. He's such a suck up.

"You are welcome but young man, you need to stop being so formal, I am not the Queen!" Mary says, waving him off in a joking matter as she walks out of the room.

Tim and Phil high five each other, most likely excited to be staying the night here.


As my eyes open, there is a dim light to be seen and I feel a heavy arm draped across my body and the weight of someone else on my bed with me.

I nudge the person until they start to stir, "Tim, you can't use the excuse of having 'sleepwalking problems' again. I didn't believe you the first time." I say, remembering all the times Tim, Phil, Brian and I used to have sleepovers and me always waking up to find Tim in bed with me.

"Oh really, cause that was exactly what I was planning on doing!" I hear a sarcastic voice that does not sound anything like Tim's.

"Jake? What the frog are you doing in my room, in bed with me!?" I scream.

"Jeez, shut up Sam, it's five o'clock in the morning." Jake says, as he props up into a seating position on my bed, using the bedhead for back support.

"You did not answer my question." I say, folding my arms.

"Well other than being in bed with you for the fun of it, and must I say that you have proven that girls can actually look good in the morning-" he pauses from speaking to give me a onceover.

I quickly look down at what I was wearing, thankful to see my sweatpants on, covering my legs but my tight-fit tank top is hugging my figure and there is a bit of a midriff from the waistline of my sweatpants to just above my bellybutton. I quickly pull my top down, covering everything I possibly can.

"But for most of the reason, I need to ask you something." he said.

"That doesn't tell me why you're in my bed."

He rolls his eyes at me before responding, "I came here late last night but you were already asleep and I don't know, I guess I just stayed here and somehow fell asleep." Jake shrugs like it's no big deal.

"Ugh, anyways, what did you want to ask me?" I question as I walk over to my closet to find an outfit for the day.

"Oh um, I was wondering if you still think that you have never been kissed before?" he asks.

I freeze in my closet for a few seconds before appearing back in my room to give Jake a look. "Jake, why would you ask that? It isn't any of your business!"

"Yeah Sam, I think that's where you're wrong."


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