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A Tomboy Living With The Boys

Chapter 8: Courtney's surprise?

The oozing brown spread, sticks to my face and at this moment I'm positive we resemble little kids who had a poop fight.

"Um, you guys better clean this up." A voice comes from behind me.

This is not good. So not good.

I look behind me and see the rest of the Tanner's. Mary is raising her eyebrow, while Courtney is trying to stifle a laugh, Chris isn't paying attention and is engrossed in something else and Jake and Zach have smirks on their face although they do look a bit forced...

Toby and I look back at each other, gosh, I did good with his face but I'm sure I'm a replica of that. He has a terrified expression on his face and I must have the same.

"We leave you to sleeping in Toby and Sam. Look what happens!" Chris who has just realised the situation, speaks up.

"Um, well..." I mumble.

Think of an excuse Sam...I'm normally good at that. I once made my old English teacher believe that my brother dunked my homework in our fishtank; I don't even have a fish tank let alone a brother. What makes now different to any other time?

"She started it!" Toby accused me. He stands up and points to me, melodramatically. Toby, we are not in a murder scene, take a chill pill.

I scoff. "What? You were the one who made me do it!" I rebut.

We start throwing insults and evidence of what had happened between each other.

"Okay, as much as I'm enjoying this little flirting fight," Mary smiled cheekily at us. "Sam and Toby go get cleaned up!"

I scowled before making my way to my bathroom.

I take long and soothing shower- one which is probably double my normal amount of my shower time and wash my hair as well as shave my legs which must of had metre long hairs on them from the lack or beauty care I give myself. I wrapped my towel around me and got annoyed at myself for forgetting to bring in fresh clothes with me to change in to.

I refused to put on my pajamas, which have swipes of nutella on them.

I tightened the grip I had of the towel around me, with my pjs in hand, I quickly sneak into my room without anyone seeing me half naked.

I chucked the dirty pjs in my laundry basket, in advance to making my way over to my walk in robe.

As I look through the very few clothes of mine which consisted of soccer tournament t-shirts, favourite bands et cetera, I hear a knock on my door.

"Who is it?" I yell out not glancing away from my closet.

"Courtney!" she yells back.

I look down at my attire, do you really think it is appropriate to wear in front of her?

Before I can even answer my own question, I hear my door click open and then closed a few seconds later with muffled footsteps.

I take my precious time, and look away and back into my bedroom. Courtney is sitting on my bed looking at me.

"Oh Courtney, I need to...ah get changed?" I said to her awkwardly.

She smiles at me unaffected. "That's what I came to talk to you about."

"You came to talk about me getting changed?" I state, a little confused on my behalf.

"No silly," She shakes her head at me. "just that Jonas and I will be joining you guys for dinner. I was just wondering if you could make an effort tonight?" I'm wondering what could be so special about Courtney and Jonas, Courtney's boyfriend for quite a few years now. I've already met him once or twice whenever Courtney came here but other than that, not much at all.

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