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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 17: We just fell onto each other!

"Olivia?" Jake questions, knowing the answer as we look at her.

"Sam, get off my man!" Olivia screeches.

Yeah Olivia, don't blame it on your man, blame it on me.

"Liv, you're mistaken. This was completely my fault, I was the one who made a move on her." Jake says, quick to defending me while standing up.

"So you intentionally cheated on me?" Olivia asks, astonished.

Pfft, like she wouldn't have cheated on Jake before he cheated on her.

I wonder that if I was more sober if I might of slapped her in the face.

I stand up, next to Jake and across from Olivia, ready to mush this nutella murderer in the face.

Yep, she's a nutella murderer. I can tell by how thin she is and the lack of muscle she has meaning that; she eats nothing with sugar, carbs, fat or just plain unhealthiness.

Jake lightly moves me back, knowing what I could do to her, I expect.

"God, I never even asked you out! You and along with others, called me your boyfriend and I went along with it." Jake says half the amount of force Olivia is speaking with. "You never thought that I may not of wanted to be your boyfriend?"

Woah, plot twist.

"Well...I guess it doesn't matter because we-we are over!" Olivia stutters with hurt filled in her eyes as she storms off towards the staircase.

I must of not been the only one surprised with Jake's answer about him not asking her out.

"Like I wasn't going to break it off if you hadn't!" Jake yells back to her. He stomps back into his bedroom, not giving me a second glance.

My realisation slowly makes an appearance as I feel the alcohol wearing off.

I just stand in that hallway for what felt like a few seconds but must have been quite a few minutes.

I let out a scream because I heard that is a good way at relieving your inner emotions that build up inside you while in tough and conflicting situations.

I hear a large bang which gets swallowed by quietness quickly.

I close my eyes for a few seconds before reopening them because of the sound of a door opening.

"Sam? What's wrong?" Zach asks, his eyes look like they have forming bags under them and his voice is hoarse, making it clear that I woke him up with my screaming.

"You were asleep?" I ask, ditching his question.

"Yeah, was that you who screamed?" he asks while rubbing his eyes, trying to get the sleep away.

"I can't believe I woke you up and you didn't wake up by the ex-couples' screaming!" I mutter, loud enough for him to hear me.

Zach walks up to me and I lower my head, staring at my feet, "What happened Sam? You can tell me." he says, and lifts up my head with his hand.

"Nothing happened! I'm just tired and confused!" I say.

It makes me flash back to Jake's and my kiss. The feeling slowly sinks in.

I just had my first kiss!

I don't quite know what to feel. Happy? Relieved? Sad? Depressed? I have no idea.

My eyes widen as how similar this situation is compared to the one with Jake.

Zach quickly moves away, faster than you can save a goal.

"I'm sorry Sam!" he quickly says, in panic.

"What for?" I ask. It's not like you can get this worried for be close to a girl.

"I almost kissed you." he states.

That is what he was freaked out about?

Although, now that I properly think about it, he may of seen that as a bigger deal than me.

"Don't worry, you didn't anyways." I try and make the awkward tension between us more comfortable.

But with Zach, it didn't help one bit.

"But I should've stopped myself before that, Sam. That would of been your first kiss!" Zach covers his eyes with his hands, ashamed in himself.

"Actually-" I was about to explain the situation before, even though it may of taken a while and be a bit awkward but Zach cut me off anyways.

"Sam, you don't deserve me!" Zach uncovers his eyes looks at me with pleading eyes almost. He runs a hand through his hair, clearly in need for sleep.

I literally think he could break down any moment now.

"Why wouldn't I deserve you; I mean I'm not saying that I like you or anything, not that I wouldn't like you but you know..." I ramble off, only making the conversation between us worse.

Zach is fast to cut off my rambling, "Ah, that-um, I'm..." Zach struggles to find the right words to tell me the problem between us. "I have some problems I need to fix and I don't want you to get hurt or anything because of them.


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