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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 19: Depressing moods

"But I don't want to live with my dad and his stupid girlfriend, I don't even know where she lives and if we'll have to move. Zach, you'll be graduating and Jake, Spence, Chloe and I all have the rest of Junior year and then Senior year after summer before we can all get out of here and go to college. I want to have my Senior year here or at least at home at my old school." I finish off explaining my case to Courtney, Jonas, Toby, Zach, Jake, Spencer and Chloe who are all in the living room with me.

I take a seat on a couch that was closest to me and rest my head on my hands. At this moment in my life, I just want to have one of those normal lives.

But I now realise that there is no such thing as an average person that has an average life.

Before staying with the Tanner's house and not knowing any of the new friends I made and people I met, I would of most likely thought that Chloe was just an average girl with an average family, and normal life.

I was wrong, it turns out that her brother has terminal cancer and he is still trying to stay alive. She never sees her parents because her dad is always working to pay the bills and her mom doing whatever she can to help Shawn, her brother live.

If there are those people who think they're average, it means they haven't had the change in difference yet.

Okay, enough Dr Phil.

"Sam, don't worry! I'll kidnap you and make sure you live with me for the rest of Junior year and all of Senior year!" Spencer says, coming up to me and hugging me.

"Spencer there is no need for that, we will make sure that Sam's dad will let her stay with us." I look up to see Mary and Chris standing at the door of the living room and looking a bit depressed.

"Mary and Chris, you guys don't have to do that! Who knows? My dad's new lady may be nice?" I say, trying to brighten up everyone's mood.

"Yes...hopefully Sam." Chris says nodding his head in thought before looking straight over to me. "Sam, you have visitors! Come on."

"Yes children, stop talking about depressing things, come on we will figure stuff out as it comes. Aren't you guys meant to live in the moment? YOLO?" Mary says, making us all laugh before she leaves with her hands formed into finger gun and pointing it to her head.

I'm really grateful for her lifting the mood of the room, and I completely agree with everything she said.

All us young people looked at each other. "Well, YOLO right?" I say before getting up of the couch and giving a hand to Spencer who was sitting next to me, as everyone else gets up and we all follow Chris out of the room, to the kitchen.

The doors of the kitchen were all open, letting the warm air come through, and making everything light up.

"Well, I'll leave you kids alone!" Chris says happily before leaving the room.

I was so distracted by the amazing weather and happiness everyone displayed before noticing the people that we standing in the middle of the room.

I think it's safe to say that I almost fainted at the sight of them.


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