Picture of Kendall Jenner as Sam McClain with the dress Sam will wear
-just to clear things up, Kendall is around 5'10 but can we pretend and make her like 5'6 to 5'8?? K, thanks guys xx


A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 14: Is this a formal party?

"What is even the point to wear dresses?" I ask Chloe and Courtney who are in front of me in my room, already wearing their dresses and heels.

Courtney is wearing an extremely tight dress which looks overly uncomfortable. The dress goes up to mid-thigh and has horizontal black and white stripes going down the dress. The outfit is paired with some black...stilettos I think they're called? But to put it lightly, Courtney looks amazing in this dress none the less.

Chloe is wearing a creamy-pale pink, above the knee dress which has holes on each of the sides of her stomach, over the top of the bottom half of her dress is a darker shade of the dress, see-through fabric which goes down to her feet which has a matching colour of the dress, heels which makes her as tall as me bare foot. Like Courtney, Chloe looks crazily pretty - not that I would ever say that out loud, Sam McClain never speaks the sort.

"To make a girl look even more beautiful then she already is!" Chloe suggested, answering my question on dresses.

"Dude, are you saying I'm not already as beautiful as I possibly can be? I don't need some stupid dress." I shook my head at the two of them, doing their makeup.

Courtney puts down her brush-thing which she uses on her face. "Please Sam? Can you do it for me? This is a really big step in my life and I want you to have fun like me, and try new things along the way."

Great. She's doing the whole guilt act.

"Fine, bring forward the dress." I sigh, quite dramatically.

Courtney squeals in delight and goes running out of my bedroom to go fetch the dress.

"I bet you would love being in a dress anyway. You're just too secretive about this stuff!" Chloe teases as she waves her makeup tools around.

"No!" I quickly deny. "I have no desire to go near a dress. You better stop over girl-fying this stuff or you will no longer be my friend, but my enemy."

Courtney comes running back into my bedroom, as fast as she can with the heels on, I'm quite impressed how fast she can move with those.

In Courtney's hands, she holds a small black thing which looks more of a shirt the a dress. "Oh my lord, guys you jokers, thank you so much for letting me wear a shirt! But where are the pants? Even though it might have no straps - which by the way I will soon kill you because of that - and even though it looks pretty slut-tay, even if you probably got the wrong size because it looks a bit long but anyways, thanks so-"

"Er, Sam?" Chloe interrupts my thanking speech.

"Hm? What?" I ask as I stop my rant about my thankfulness.

"You do know that's a dress, right?" Chloe asks, with a concerned look.

Courtney holds up the 'dress' in front of her body which ends up a bit above her knees. "You're taller than me so it is a bit long on me but it would probably fit my mom which is the same size as you so...what do you say? At least try it on?"

I scoff at her. I mean, come on. "Courtney, what world were you in to think that I would agree to put on a dress, let alone a tight dress which does not allow you to breath in oxygen. The dress, if you hadn't noticed, also looks strapless which I disapprove of greatly." I fold my arms in conclusion.

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