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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 20: The greeting for the people

"What are you guys doing here?!" I scream before running over to them.

They all jump on me and we do a huge group hug.

"I missed you guys so much!" I say over and over again.

We all break apart and look at each other.

"We missed you too Sam!" Tim said before running a hand through his hair.

"Yeah, you know how Brian gets grumpy with us when we do stuff to annoy him," Phil said, gesturing to Tim, himself and me, "It turns out he gets extra grumpy when you aren't around."

I laugh along with him and Tim while Brian slaps the back of Phil's head.

After we all finish laughing, I look at Brian who has a confused look on his face.

"Sam, what are you wearing?" he asks me.

I look down at my attire and look back up at him with an uncomfortable smile. "Oh, Courtney and Chloe took me shopping yesterday and I got some new clothes..." I trail off, motioning to my new black ripped skinny jeans and maroon t-shirt.

"Who are these people and how did they get you to wear this, let alone go shopping." Tim asks me.

"Yeah, and when we meet them, remind me to congratulate them to make you look smokin' hot!" Phil says before wolf whistling and looking me up and down.

"Shut up Phil, and Tim, they made me go shopping yesterday and I was in too big of a hangover to stop them." I say.

"And 'they' can hear everything you're saying." I turn around to the sound of Courtney's voice and finally notice that there is still everyone in the kitchen.

"Oh guys, this is Courtney and her fiancé Jonas, Jake, Zach, Spencer, Chloe and Toby." I say there name as I point to each of them.

"Nice to meet you guys, my name is Rupert and I'm Sam's boyfriend." Phil states seriously.

"Phil, you dickhead." Brian says.

"But, they're faces...oh my god...they actually believed me!" Phil says in between his laughter.

"Wait so you guys aren't together?" Jake asks me and I look over to them and they all look confused and Jake looks pretty confused.

"No, I'm too good for her." Phil states and Jake looks like he relaxes a bit. I look back over to Phil and see Brian give him another slap to the back of his head. 

"You dumbass Phil, she's too good for you." Tim states.

"To be honest, I'm too good for everyone in this room. Especially you Phil, you're the most annoying person I know." I say.

Tim punches Phil and laughs. I swear my friends act like three year olds.

"Timmy, do remember that you're a player and have no chance with me." I state, shaking my head at the boys.

Phil gives a triumphant smirk towards Tim.


"You need to wear this bikini!" Chloe tells me.

"No I don't! Courtney bought it, she can have it." I fold my arms.

"If Courtney were here, you would be shoved into it. Courtney bought it for you yesterday." Chloe says before planting the swimsuit in my hands. "Where is Courtney anyways?" Chloe asks as she looks for her bikini.

"I think she and Jonas had to go out for lunch with someone." I say, taking a proper look at the bikini.

It's an alright bikini, it's just a plain bikini, black with white straps.

"Okay, now come on, you need to wear it, show it off to your hot friends and the hot guys you're living with!" Chloe jumps up and down like a little girl on sugar.

"Fine but this is not to show off in front of the guys, it is simply because I'm trying out the new me, you should know that I'm YOLOing everything now." I say before walking out of my bedroom and into the bathroom.

After Chloe and I are both done changing, we head downstairs and through the kitchen to outside.

The boys are all in the pool, trying to drown each other.

They all seem to be getting along with each other. I personally kind of expected it. I mean, Jake and Tim are both players, Zach and Brian are both sweet and Spencer and Phil are both undeniably stupid. 

Toby is still hanging out with us even though he is the oldest out of all of us, he has been at college and alternating with staying here. 

Toby's on one of the banana lounges in the corner of the pool area unlike everyone else.

It turns out that Phil, Brian and Tim are all on their summer holidays unlike the rest of us which finish in a week or two.

Chloe makes a quick dash back inside muttering something about forgetting the sunscreen.

I go and take a seat on the same banana lounge as Toby is on and push him over so we are squished next to each other. I can't help but notice how he is topless in his board shorts and I'm in a bikini, the amount of skin that is touching is crazy. I also can't help but notice his glistening and tanned abs next to me.

"You do realise that there is another lounge?" he asks me, turning his head slightly as I do the same so our faces are a few inches apart.

"Yes, but I'm not going to move all their shirts." I say, motioning to the pile of shirts, sunglasses and what not that are piled on the second banana lounge.

"Okay but I would watch out for the glares you may be receiving." Toby says before nodding his head in the direction where all the boys are in the pool.

I look over at them and notice Zach lying - almost looks like he is sleeping - on the tiles next to the pool while Brian standing in the pool next to him and is talking to Zach. Spencer and Phil seem to be trying to push a annoyed Tim under the water. The last person I see is Jake and he is looking over at Toby and me with a look like he is torn on what he should do. 

As soon as he sees me catching him look at me, he goes off to Spencer, Phil and a slowly-dying Tim.


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