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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 11: Detention and beeches

"Sam, are you listening to me?"

"Yes, why of course I was Mr Corneil, what else would I be doing?" I say to him in a bittersweet way.

"Well I'm not sure, maybe checking out the wonderful view outside the window." he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Old men doing sarcasm...

"What?!" I put my hand on my heart and make myself look insulted. "And miss out learning all the wonders of the viking times? I am humiliated that you would think of such a thing that I would do."

I hear someone snort behind me and see Spencer in front of me - where he got moved to - try and hold in laughter covering his mouth.

"Save it Sam, I'll see you after school in detention."

What an angry old man.

I let out a little - okay big - groan and slam my face to the table.

Spencer bursts out laughing at this point and this only makes me groan again.

"Spencer, would you like to join Ms McClain?" Mr Corneil raises his eyebrow which makes Spencer sober up into dead silence pretty quick.

The bell rings signalling the start of lunch and immediately everyone gets up from their desks.

"Remember to read the article on the viking's attire for next lesson." Mr Corneil quickly says before everyone is out of the classroom.

Spencer and I walk to our lockers.

"Detention girl? Ooo, gotta tell me all the deets tomorrow." Spencer says in a fake bimbo voice.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to fill you in on Mr Corneil's sleep talking." I snort before going separate ways to our lockers.

As I reach my locker, I shove everything in my hands into my locker. I slip on my hoodie and grab my phone out of my navy tracksuit pants pockets.

I check through my phone, the usual tumblr, before I see a feminine body stop in front of me.

I look up to see a smiling Chloe.

"Hey girl, let's go to the dining hall." Chloe says.

"Yep but let's get Spence' first." I say first, leading us over to Spencer's locker which he is rummaging through.

"Spencer," I sing. "Hurry up!"

He turns around to face Chloe and I.

"Oh, I was just looking for...something." Spencer looks back at his locker and shuts it while Chloe gives me a look but I just shrug at her in return. "I'll look for it afterwards, let's go to lunch." He turns around and puts each of his arms oppositely on Chloe's and my shoulders so he's in the middle.

I shrug his arm off and he just laughs. We make our way to the dining hall and sit at our usual table. We see Jake come in with most of the soccer team and some cheerleaders, you know, the 'populars'.

After I got to know Spence' a bit more when I first met him, he told me that I kinda stuffed up the whole friendship groups. It used to be the main (first-string) sport jocks like football and soccer players with the main cheerleaders. This group apparently included Spencer once upon a time and Jake and Zach but when I came, the popular group broke apart a bit now Spencer, Chloe and me are our own group but still seem to be popular but have other friends, to be honest I don't mind it that much, I guess the rest of the populars are still together.

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