The New Girl by Beautifully_Unknown
The New Girlby That pretty brown girl
She was Angry and so was He They'd both been hurt but Her wounds had never healed She was in love once , and so was he Their love stories had never been complete She...
  • friends
  • adventure
  • richkids
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Why Don't We Imagine Story/Imagines/Smuts by ImaginesForDays
Why Don't We Imagine Story/ Maddy
Lots of smuts and imagines of all the boys
  • zachherrron
  • youngromance
  • newschool
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Hate at First Sight by Bre5S0S
Hate at First Sightby Bre
Meet Lexi Jones, notorious bad girl of Clearview High. Even though she is a bad girl, she is still nice to almost everyone (unless they're dumb bitches of course). She t...
  • newgirl
  • badboy
  • highschool
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Dance is my life by KairaSchwengler
Dance is my lifeby Kaira Schwengler
My school is bursting with huge egotistical dancers. Not all dancers have huge egos but I swear everyone here does and that's not even the worst part. Grace Mae Andrews...
  • dance
  • fittingin
  • teenagerproblems
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Zaina Twins  by prettyxpettyx
Zaina Twins by prettyxpettyx
•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•* He put his hand up again Oh the nerve of this boy "Yes," I replied through gritted teeth "Did...
  • romance
  • moving
  • heartbreak
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Becoming hers by whatever_awaits
Becoming hersby M3gAn:)
Lexi Jones. The new girl who people either hate or love, kind of like marmite. She brings along a difficult history, part of the reason why her number one rule in this...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • basketball
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Follow me by Lillydstories
Follow meby Lilly D.
BEST RANKINGS : #4 newromance, #8 newschool After a tense semester in high school, Anabelle Stevens is hoping for a fresh start when she enters Harvard University. She i...
  • harassment
  • romance
  • secrets
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New School •||JungHope||•  by KpopTrashJKookies
New School •||JungHope||• by Jordan
Jung Hoseok was running to school on his first day because he was late, when he bumped into someone... Will he become friends with this new person or will they be awkwar...
  • jhope
  • jhs
  • jungkook
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Lil Peep-fact by muzludankek9
Lil Peep-factby taekookunkırıkyatağı
[Lil Peep Kimdir?] 01.11.1996 - 15.11.2017 Gustav Åhr Huzur içinde uyu Peep.
  • gothboiclique
  • lil
  • gustav
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Why Is This Happening To Me? by shakiraayessa30
Why Is This Happening To Me?by shakiraayessa30
*based on the author's true story* name is Rose Ally. I'm moving to different school which is very scary. Two boys are fighting over me, someones getting hurt. Re...
  • friends
  • love
  • newschool
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School Rave ||BOOK ONE|| by golden__arrows
School Rave ||BOOK ONE||by Sadie♥️
Sadie Griffin, is joining a new school called Iridium High. She shouldn't be nervous even though she's the new kid, I mean she's been the new kid before but for some biz...
  • school
  • schoolrivalry
  • romance
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Wonderland|| Park Jimin || by optimistictae
Wonderland|| Park Jimin ||by øþłımısłıc łae
❝We'll find our wonderland, I promise.❞ He said, gripping my hands tight. ||Park Jimin x Reader|| ♕Royal AU♕ Copyright© optimistictae 2018 ➳Started: August 27th ➳Ended:...
  • romance
  • jungkook
  • seokjin
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L I H S by ItsHumxnNxture
L I H Sby ItsHumxnNxture
This is the school for the Legends and Icons. Let's see what really go's down in that school.
  • whitneyhouston
  • bisexual
  • oldschool
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New  Beginning || Peter Parker by fatherhayl
New Beginning || Peter Parkerby Sahara
You're new to Queens and going to Midtown School of Science and Technology, just trying to pass through high school smoothly, your goals and future plans thought out, b...
  • life
  • powers
  • family
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~~A wolf at a vampire school~~ by EvilGhostie
~~A wolf at a vampire school~~by EvilGhostie
<This is a world we're fantasy goes to its limits> ~In this fantasy a half wolf hybrid girl called Pia goes to a private vampire school since her step Aunty is the...
  • onlywolf
  • firstday
  • vampireschool
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Spaghetti catastrophe  by Jazzynails
Spaghetti catastrophe by Jazzynails
Aliser goes to a new school and something happens to her something terrible...
  • dreams
  • spaghetti
  • newschool
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One Ice-cream Date, Please? by HavanaLover11
One Ice-cream Date, Please?by Naima✌️
Your typical teen story with a few differences. • Aubrey Hayes, an ordinary 15 year old teenage girl, who moves from New York to Arizona due to her father's job. She ent...
  • heartbreak
  • newschool
  • youngadult
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New Life New Friends by LittleFrancy005
New Life New Friendsby Frances
Juliet, a 14 year old girl, moved for the fifth time, but the father said that it'll be the last time, so the young girl is going to start her new adventure with an exci...
  • highschool
  • home
  • family
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My Serpent Princess by TkMhr1
My Serpent Princessby Theblacksouledgirl
Meet Jessica Anderson , she used to live in The Big Apple also Known as NYC , she moved away with family in order to live a happy and more comfortable life , but instead...
  • newgeneration
  • lucyhale
  • fiction
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