Picture of Hayden Panettiere as Courtney Tanner, in her party dress


A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 15: I'm not going to fall over...

I hear a squeal from my doorway and quickly look over from my position on my bed, Chloe comes out of the bathroom in time to see Courtney having a spaz attack. "Sam, you look b-e-a-u-tiful! Gawd, you need to dress up more often! I cannot deal myself right now!" Courtney rambles when she comes back from the kitchen I gather; where all the guests should be coming to right now.

"Do not make me tear this dress off my body, as well as the underwear y'all gave me and  the shoes which I can throw." I threaten Courtney, who in response, shuts her gaping mouth but manages to keep the awe-struck facial expression.

I now know that there are more faults with wearing a strapless dress; bra problems.

"Okay, don't get your panties in a twist!" Courtney wavered her hand in the air.

It's not like I have any panties on...

Jokes, I put my foot down for that.

"Anyways, there are heaps of people down there already, mom wants us to come down because the boys are already there as well." Courtney says as she removes her attention from me, to a nail she seems to be examining.

"Let's go then!" Chloe says excitedly, linking an arm on my left side and Courtney linking an arm on my right side.

My escape plan is going down the drain...

They drag me to the kitchen, and I mean literally drag me. I can't even run off or anything because these fudging heels.

Talk about it and it will come! "Mother of Peanut Butter!" I yell as we enter the room and I trip heel over heel, coming to a close make out with the floor before Chloe and Courtney pull me up to a standing position.

I sigh, relieved that I didn't die. How I managed to trip only a few times on the staircase and how I tripped right now without dying; is quite an achievement.

I check over myself to see if I have ripped the dress. 

Yes, I do care about ripping this dress. Not because I like it, because I would feel bad for whoever paid for this and I also don't want to have a rip in the dress that would show anything which didn't need to be shown.

After I see that everything is fine I look up to the rest of the kitchen. 

Everyone is staring at me. I literally mean everyone.

Toby got excited about this party? There is soft music playing in the background, nothing like a rowdy teenage party.

Unfortunately the soft music made my 'Mother of Peanut Butter!' statement heard throughout the entire room. 

Sam, you sure know how to make an entrance!

"Now everyone is staring at me." I grumble under my breath, wondering if Chloe or Courtney would hear me.

"Clumsy!" I hear Jake yell across the room and see him as he makes his way to Courtney, Chloe and I.

As Jake comes up to us, I notice he has Spencer in tow.

"Girls, you look gorgeous! My lord," I break the linked arms with Chloe and Courtney, feeling free, and turn around to Mary with Chris next to her.

Chloe smiles at her and I try to mirror her the best I can.

"Thanks Mary." Chloe says.

"No problem Chloe, and I must say you have worked your magic on Sam!" Mary says with a big smile on her face.

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