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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 10: Jake problems?

"I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier-er" he sings. Or more tries to sing but ends up yelling totally off key.

But really, the main problem isn't his singing, it's his choice in music.

I did not picture him as a Sia guy.

"Oh my lord!" I fall backwards landing on my butt. My casted arm made a near miss to his bedpost. "My ears! They're bleeding!" I screech.

"What the fu- Sam?!" He turns around on his chair, taking his headphones off.

"No, I prefer the name 'Oh my wonderful bestest friend Sam' but you know, Sam is alright for now." I over exaggerate a sigh.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" he says, not even listening to my previous statement.

"Language control young boy!" I shake my index finger at him while getting up and not touching the -I would think dirty- boxers which lie a few centimeters from my fingertips. "And to answer your question, why can't I be in your room just to give you the pleasure of my company?"

He sighs. Figures, he needs to take more consideration of how trashy his life would be without me. Imagine his life before I came to live with the Tanners.

"Well...I wouldn't mind going on a run and it would be nice if someone I like, would join me...?" I give him the puppy dog eyes and clasp my hands and resist the urge to go down to my knees. I mean please, I'm not that needy for him.

"You like me?" He smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"Ha, please. Don't be so narcissistic." I lose the whole begging act, transferring back to my usual self which those few people learn to love. Who am I kidding, the whole world loves my usual self. "You're the closest free living human thing I have within this house that I would ever like."

"I'll take it." He shrugs it off. "As for the run...I do need to fit in some training to go towards soccer..." he trails off, looking everywhere but me. I try to keep patient but I can tell you that I'm terrible at anything to do with tolerance. "Okay, I'll go for a run with you."

My lips form a wide grin. "Okie dokie, I'll go get changed!"

"Oh my god, hurry!" he sighs while smiling at my un-organisation that I happened to inherit from my mother.

I run into my bedroom and quickly close the door. I walk over to my closet and picked out some very long bike shorts and a soccer tournament top I did around a year ago.

I quickly slip on my neon yellow socks which go up to mid-shin which of course I pull them up to.

I pull on my Nikes and run back to Zach's room where he's standing at the door waiting for me.

"The oh wonderful Sam is here!" I yell, lifting my hands up in the air.

"Shut the fuck up!" I turn around fast enough to see Toby's head retreating back to his bedroom.

"There are children in this house! Language. Please." I tut at him behind the closed door.

"Sammy, you're the youngest person that lives here." Jake appears with a smirk on his face.

"And I am still a child!" I shoot back.

"What are you? Eleven? Maybe twelve?" Jake coos, coming closer.

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