Chapter 1: Let me guess a work trip!

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Picture of the Tanner's mansion (the people Sam is living with)


A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 1: Let me guess, a work trip!

I try to look at my mom's coffin being slowly put in a freshly dug hole.

People come up to me and my dad sharing their best wishes but I just stare at the ground bluntly, zoning out while my dad thanks them.

When there is no one else in the line to wish us well, I look up at my dad, only to find out he is already looking down at me, frowning. "Come on Samantha, cheer up," I just roll my eyes

"You don't get it, do you? I mean, seriously! Did you ever love her?" I ask my father, letting a tear roll down my cheek.

"Of course I did, Samantha, It's just, these things happen and you have got to deal with them as they come." I was opening my mouth to rebut his comment but his phone started ringing, he took the call and held up a finger in my face signalling the conversations was over.

He takes a couple of minutes on his phone talking to someone, I just come back to gazing at the ground.

"Samantha, your going to have to stay with a friend of mine for a while."

"Let me guess, a work trip!" I say mockingly cheery.

"Come on let's get back to the house." he grumbles.


"Your ride is outside the front, come quickly." dad yelled.

I boost myself off my bed which I've been lying down on for the past half hour, staring at the pale ceiling.

I make my way to the living room bringing my suitcase and hippie bag along behind me. When I reach my dad, he is holding the front door open for me looking at his phone. I ignore him and slide between him and the side of the doorframe and head to the car.

"I'll see you when I come back, be good and don't forget your manners." he says giving me an awkward side hug.

I hop into the car, and get greeted with a well civilized lady.

"Hello Samantha!" she says excitedly.

"Call me Sam, um..."

"You can call me Mary," she adds, with a sweet smile and start driving.

I get amazed when we arrive at a house, wait no - mansion, I've got a big house but nothing compares to this, it looks like it's owner is the Queen herself.

Mary parks the car and we both get out. She leads me into the house as I hold my bags and my jaw drops at the sight of the interior of the house. Mary laughs at me. "It's nice isn't it,"

I stare at the room in awe, "Nice? It's amazing!"

The huge entrance of the house has the right wall with a couple of doors leading somewhere and the wall at the back of the room had a double door while as at the left of the room, there was a huge staircase leading up to the second level I presume.

I follow Mary through the double doors at the back of the room and we head into what looks like a kitchen which is triple the size of my bedroom back home which I happened to think was already big. Mary places her keys on the black, sleek countertop of the island bench so I drop my suitcase on the ground letting it lean against the bench and let my hippie bag fall on top of the bench.

"Chris!" Mary yells out which I'm almost defend by. Man, she can yell.

Out comes a man around my dads age from a room. He smiled at me, "Hi, you must be Samantha, call me Chris."

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