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A Tomboy Living With The Boys

Chapter 7: My first game here.

I sit on the bus with Zach beside me and jolt my knee up and down in anticipation.

I want to make a good first impression for the first game but even though I would never admit it, I'm the tiniest bit worried about how they are going to treat me, I'm the only girl on the team, going against other co-ed and male teams.

Norwell High doesn't even have a girl team, I get why they don't, but it is annoying because I know no schools have co-ed schools except for the very few, my team included.

Last year it was not that important at my old school, that was childs play. But this is important, there is going to be nationals, internationals and all, I'm going to have to work harder than the rest to stay on the team.

A hand falls on top of my knee to stop it from going out of it's socket.

I look up to Zach. "Calm down, take everything out in the game." He's right, I need to focus on the game more, where I can let all the emotions out which have been bottled up for a while now.

I don't just play soccer because I enjoy it or staying fit, I also play it because it helps me get through tough things I'm going through in my life.

When my mum died I pretty much moved in with Brian. I didn't want to be anywhere near my father. I played soccer for hours straight. The games which had the closest dates to my mom's death, were some of the best soccer I had ever played.

I looked around the bus and see everyone doing their pre-game rituals.

My eyes landed on Spencer and Jake who I may of pushed into the seats set up next to each other so they could be bus buddies. It has been awkward between us three being together but when it is just me one on one or we're in a big group it is fine- that is beside from Jake's still cocky side. But that will take a lot of work.

I notice they are in deep conversation, nodding their heads and all. It doesn't look like they are talking about favourite bands, maybe something much more personal.

Before I have time to think too much on it, the bus pulls up to the curb and we all pile out ready to move.

We start warming up on the opposite side to the home team. I kick the ball back and forth to Jake and we start practice our shooting.

"Bring it in everyone!" Coach yelled from the sidelines.

We all hobble over and make a huddle.

"I'm not to worried about this game but I want you to know I'm watching and I can change the team around if you don't think I'm serious." He said to us.

"We won't let you down!", "Yes coach," and multiple other things got yelled in reply.

"Take positions!" The referee calls.

We lost the coin toss so we start the kick off and I take my place.

"A girl?" A defender gives me a look.

I shrug it off and focus on the game not on the people who think I'm an alien.


We're only halfway through the match and no one has scored yet. I take a quick sip of water waiting for half time break to finish.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Coach coming towards me.

"Sam be careful, before you say anything, I'm not saying that because you're a girl, it's just that I know first striker can be the painfullest and toughest position to play. Jake and Tom are trying their best to keep you safe and guard you, but there are defenders out there, ready to kill you."

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