Chapter 23: You're my first kiss?

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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 23: You're my first kiss?

"What? No. It can't be. I'm sure you're just saying this to get with me of something. Although it does make sense. I mean why else would Olivia break up with you? You two goat heads are made for each other and it would give me a reason on why Olivia hates me even more since the party, which I didn't even think was possible..." I ramble, "What am I saying? I would of remembered!"

Jake side, leaning even more back on my bed while I walk all around my room. "Face it Sam, I kissed you that night. I was your first kiss!"

"No." I simply say. I bite my lip, my brain half in confusion and half in fear.

Call me gross, cliché, whatever you want but even though I'm a 'stereotypical' tomboy and may seem to not care about any of that stuff but I truly do, I'd prefer to lose it to someone special, more specifically, anyone but Jake.

I think Jake may of noticed the emotions running through me because as I looked over at him, his face softened and he gets off my bed and walks over to me. "I'm sorry Sam, I know that I'm probably the least person you'd want to share your first kiss with but I guess we were both influenced by one thing of another." he reasons, suddenly sounding like an old and wise psychologist.

"Yeah, you're right about that...were you drunk too?" I ask, trying to get my head around everything.

Jake scoffed, "Barely.".

"Then why did you kiss me?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I guess you were the one influencing me." he stated calmly before coming in my personal bubble and looking me straight in the eyes before leaning in and planting a soft kiss on my lips, short and sweet.

I could taste the peppermint scent on his lips, almost like he had just had a mint.

I hope to god that I don't have bad morning breath.

Jake leans back a bit to search my face to see if I was comfortable to go on longer.

I barely nodded and before I could think straight, my eyelids flew closed and I could feel his lips press against mine once again.

I don't think, I just do and all at once, I seem to wrap my arms around his neck and I feel his hands snake around my waist as he pushes up the end of my tanktop further so his warm hands are firmly placed on my bare waste.

One of my hand naturally tugs at his hair.

Before I know it, our lips break apart but beside our lips, we stay in the exact position.

I immediately come out of my trance and become embarrassed with the whole situation.

I mean, I sure did enjoy the kiss but why would he? He would of kissed heaps more girls - heck, he'd gone way further that a kiss and it would definitely be with girls more experience.

I quickly make a run for it and shoot out of the room and run down the hall.

"Sam, wait!" Jake yells after me.

"Will you guys shut up? It's so early!" I hear Phil yell.


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