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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 24: Cereal choking

I go to get breakfast in the kitchen and get greeted by Brian, Tim, Phil and Zach. 

It must be around ten in the morning because after I ran away from Jake, I went into my room and layed on my bed for what felt like years, immersing myself in my thoughts. After I got too bored, I did the most random things, locked up in my bedroom which included playing soccer with myself which led up to me nearly breaking a window.

"Morning Sam!" Phil greeted cheerily.

"Um, morning guys?" I say. "Phil, why are you so, ah, happy?" I ask Phil who is currently bouncing in his seat, barely contain himself from jumping around the room.

"Well, some teenagers woke him up at five a.m. and he is wide awake." Brian says to me, giving a glance at Phil.

"Blame Jake." I simply say, still not over the fact that I have been kissed by him, multiple times.

"Yeah, what were you guys doing up that early?" Phil manages to say as I pick out my cereal for breakfast.

"Um, I don't know..." I trail off, quickly trying to think of something.

"She was going to put our dirty clothes in the laundry, but Clumsy over here, tripped over and woke me up." Jake states, walking into the room.

"Yeah, guess Sam hasn't changed that much since we saw her last." Tim says and Phil and Brian nod their heads in agreement.

As I sit down on one of the stools at the island bench, I try not to let my jaw drop at how gullible my friends can be. I mean, I'm not even that clumsy!

I look over at Jake as I take a mouthful of my cereal. He only smirks at me and I reply with poking my tongue out which was a bad idea as cereal flies out of my mouth and I nearly died by choking.

"Clumsy! Slow down there." Jake says jokingly as he rubs my back which definitely makes me uncomfortable.

"Um, I think I lost my appetite." I say and leave the bench and walk back to the stairs.

"Well that doesn't seem like my Samon." I hear Phil say as I leave.

I hear heavy footsteps running behind me and I look over my shoulder to see the one and only Zach.

"Sam, wait I've got to ask you something." he says.

As he catches up to me, we start walking up the stairs slowly. "Shoot." I say to him.

He clears his throat and I automatically see the signs of him being nervous. "Well, I just wanted to know if you know how to deal having a crush on someone even though they may not like you back...like at all." he asks me.

I stop all of a sudden, halfway up the stairs and look Zach straight in the eye, even though my eyes are considerably open wider than normal.

"Hold up. You are asking me this? The person who has never been in a relationship?" I almost let the statement 'the girl who has never been kissed' out of habit but I luckily don't let that slip. "Why don't you ask one of you brothers?"

Zach turns away from me, his neck going a bit red and continues walking up the stairs as I hurriedly follow him.

"Sam, it's harder than that, I need to live up to being like Toby, the guy who can get anyone to be their date. Hell, Jake has already lived up to that expectation. I can only ever pretend.

Even though there are parts of me that believe that Zach is not pretending but I somehow get him and feel sorry for him.

"Okay." I say as I get to the top of the stairs and sit down on the ground, my legs crossed. "Tell me who the girl is." I say and pat the spot next to me, getting him to sit next to me.

He sits down and sighs. "Ah, well I'm not sure if they even like my kind..." he trails off, awkwardly.

"Wait, you think she's a lesbian?" I ask, pretty confused on the situation.

"No, I'm not sure if he likes guys." he says bluntly, back to looking me in the eyes.

"Oh, I get ya." I say, finally understanding that he is coming out to me. "Well I'm not forté in this kind of area."

"I know Sam, but it's only mom, dad and you that I have come out to!" he exasperates.

"Oh, what did they say?" I ask him, knowing that we are both on the same topic about him coming out.

"They were fine. I mean they handled it better than I did. I even asked mom about what I should do with this guy I like. It turns out that we all have no idea what to do and just need to wait for it to play out." he says, looking at the ground.

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and Zach's and my head immediately turn to see Jake walking up the stairs.

"I better go get some breakfast, I seem to be hungry again." I laugh and stand up, helping Zach get up too.

Jake reaches us, "What were you guys talking about?" he asks us.

"Not much, I better go get ready, Fawn and the crew are picking me up soon." Zach say.

"Cool, see ya. Oh, and thanks for telling me, it means a lot." I quickly reply before he flashes me a smile and runs down the hall and into his room.

I turn and start walking back down the stairs and Jake follows.

"What did he tell you?" Jake asks.

"None of your buisness, jerk." I reply, a smirk on my face.

These people are changing me.

For the better or for the worse? I don't know.


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