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A Tomboy Living With Boys

Chapter 3: But you can call me babe

Jake turns the car engine off, parking out the front of the school. He must have it reserved to get this good a parking spot.

I look out the window of the car and inspect my new school. It is so different to my old one, it looks fresh and new. Not like people get murdered in the janitors closet.

Hey, don't blame me for such weird thoughts! I knew I had a creepy school, I just didn't want to go to my dad's school of choice instead.

Jake appears in the middle of my line of sight. He opens the door like a gentleman and holds his hand out to me.

I grunt. "I can do it myself, I don't need you." I refuse his offer.

He fake gasps. "You turned an offer to be helped by Jake Tanner?"

"Yeah, well it was pretty easy..." I trail off.

"You're different, aren't you?" He tilts his head to the side in thought which may make other girls fall at his feet but for me, I was disgusted.

"Did you just figure it out! Oh my god, I'm so proud!" I look at him in fake pride and put my hand on my heart wiping a fake tear off my cheek, then make the look vanish as fast as it came upon me, and roll my eyes.

I push past him and walk two meters and freeze. "Fudge." I mutter under my breath.

"Do you want to know where to go by any chance, Clumsy?" I could hear the smirk he had on his face without having to look back.

I turn around to face him. "I don't need your help, I'll find somebody else." I snicker.

Before I can turn back and try to find someone willing to help, he throws me over his shoulder like he did yesterday and I end up screaming and punching his back. I look up and see that a majority of the school is watching us.

We go through some sliding doors and he puts me down, carefully this time.

In front of me is a receptionist behind her desk.

"Hello, my name is Brenda, can I help you?" the receptionist in which looks like she's in her mid thirties, asks me politely.

I give Jake a quick glare.

"Yes, I'm Sam McClain." I put on my fake smile.

"Oh good, Mr Tanner, you can go to class now." She smiles flirtatiously at him, ugh, she does realise he's in school. "Here is your timetable, I'll take show you to your first class, English." she says after Jake had left.

She took me on a quick tour of the school which really shouldn't count as a tour.

Brenda stops in front of a door. "Good luck with your first day!"

"Thank you," I nod graciously to her and as soon as she disappears, I walk into my class.

As soon as I close the door, all eyes stare on me. I happen to be late because of my little tour.

"Can I hep you?" The slightly annoyed teacher turns to me.

"Well yes, you actually can funnily enough, I'm new to this class." I say to her.

"Oh you're the new student, take a seat over there," She points over to a seat next to a guy slumped on his seat in the back corner. "My name is Ms Lenten."

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