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A Tomboy Living With The Boys

Chapter 6: Homesick?

My hair whizzes through the wind, as I balance myself on my long board.

I'm not that far away from Spencer's house, I've gone enough times with Spence to know it off by heart.

I close my eyes for a few seconds, letting the setting sun shine on me.

Life is working out for me surprisingly.

Apart from the fact my dad is on the other side of the world and I don't have a mom.

If you had asked me how I would be in this scenario a few weeks ago, I'd go tell you that I would be in a family with egotistic boys and me wanting to go kill myself.

But look how things have turned out.

Spencer is my best friend alongside Chloe. Zach has helped me out in this family, we sometimes just have lazy days watching movies together. Jake, on the other hand I'm not the closest to, he seems to want to get to know me but I turn him down. He's gotten better and I probably shouldn't be so harsh on him but it's just hard to adjust.

He is going to meet me at Spencer's too although Spence does have a thing about not liking Jake and I to be alone together, I even think Zach has gotten in on it. But it's the same thing vice versa, Jake doesn't like me being alone with Spence and even my movie days with Zach he's moody.

My, I tell you these boys are so dominant. It's not like I would let Jake do anything to me when I'm alone and Jake getting annoying when I'm with his brother and friend as my best friends? If I had the answer to that, I would tell you in a blink of an eye but I don't. These stupid boys.

Boys are my friends but that's because they are simple, don't usually get into any of this gossip the girls do, but there are times like this which I can not understand.

It's only been a few weeks since I left my hometown and I miss my three best friends.

Back home we were the royals of the school. We were only Juniors but everyone looked up to us.

Brian, my friend I was most close to was the golden boy, used to have a perfect girlfriend which even I got along with and they were the perfect couple. They broke up only around a month before I left and I don't even know the reason, it's not like they hate each other now but at the mention of it, Brian always goes quiet. I miss his spiky hair all going everywhere.

Tim, the player of the school. My good ol' pal Timmy got girls everywhere. They all knew he was the player but went for it anyway. Silly hormonal girls.

Phil, the jokester. He was never in a serious relationship, he tried but never turned out right. He was the funniest guy I have ever met and probably always going to be the funniest guy I know.

They were all on my old school's soccer team. My school had the sophomores undefeated team, the one everyone hated and wanted to beat. I wish I was back home.

I skype and text them but whoever has been away from their loved ones knows that it's not the same. All you want to do is walk through the screen and give them a big hug.

I pull up to Spencer's house and put my board under my arm. I knock on the door and get greeted by Mrs Avril who had a wide grin on her face.

Both her and Mary have been so supportive of my mom and the situation I'm in. Everyone beside from those two moms, don't know about anything, just that my dad has gone on a work trip, they have noticed things are sometimes up with me but they haven't tried to push on it which I'm thankful for but I really, really want to let it all out. I have never found it so hard keeping bottled up feelings although this just makes me more homesick.

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