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Project Player by cloudyzaria
Project Playerby Zaria
I looked around thinking how a public school could be so cliche. I've been at a boarding school all my life and this is ridiculous. You got your jocks at one table and y...
  • coltonhaynes
  • tomboy
  • zacefron
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Frozen in the moment. [Emmett Cullen Love Story] by dustyblack
Frozen in the moment. [Emmett dustyblack
A story of a cocky vampire who is the star of the show and a bad ass human who lives in a shell of shyness. Tara Swan Sister of the infamous Bella Swan with pinch of sa...
  • emmettcullenlovestory
  • swantwins
  • edwardcullen
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New family  by Tyler1920
New family by Tyler1920
Edward Hunt is a 17 year old girl who after many years of living with her mom she's forced to live with her father who abandoned her before she was even born. She must f...
  • stepsiblings
  • tattoos
  • rich
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The Boys And Her by thecreative84
The Boys And Herby thecreative84
Hazel Deven wasn't your average teenage girl. She didn't like gossip or dresses, didn't obsess over boys, and hated how snobby the girls were at her school. Instead she...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • teenfiction
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The Player and the Sarcastic Ass (SLOW UPDATES) by yourlocalmemestand
The Player and the Sarcastic Ass ( ♥ ivy mercury ♥
Olivia Samantha Davis is sarcastic, out-going, confident, childish, mostly immature, and has an 'I-don't-give-a-crap' attitude. She doesn't find it necessary to obsess o...
  • player
  • badboy
  • sarcasm
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A Tomboy Living With Boys by BellaLilliana
A Tomboy Living With Boysby Bella
[COMPLETED] •I'm Sam McClain and I am a stereotypical, tomboy. My dad works a lot, work trips which go on for months at times. My mom died recently and my dad ships me o...
  • funny
  • soccer
  • teenagers
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Bad Boy and the Tomboy by DivergentandWWEfan59
Bad Boy and the Tomboyby Megan Mackenzie
Channing Lewis has always been a tomboy. She mainly hangs around with guys, however does have 2 best girlfriends as well. However when one of her friends starts dating o...
  • friendship
  • drama
  • tomboy
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Ultimate Tomboy by rhi_thephantom
Ultimate Tomboyby phantom
Harper Storm is fifteen years old and loves to play sport. She is your average girl, well tomboy, and when school becomes hard for her not fitting in with the other girl...
  • girl
  • harper
  • storm
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Take One For The Team by IndieFreak
Take One For The Teamby Holly
Zack Burns is captain of the Eckbert High School soccer team. It's a new school year and since their other striker graduated, there's an empty slot on the team. When the...
  • football
  • cute
  • funny
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But It's a Guy Shirt by HollyOsgood
But It's a Guy Shirtby Jolly
"Um, excuse me," I say, as I approach the person with his back facing me. "I kinda saw the shirt first." He turns to me and I immediately stop...
  • love
  • shirt
  • wattys2018
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The Bad Boys and The Tomboy (COMPLETED) by Katyrules
The Bad Boys and The Tomboy ( Katie
Alice Avery lives in a society where every girl must wear mini skirts and unbelievably high heels. Where girls are bimbos and guys are Greek Gods. So how does a tomboy f...
  • goodgirlandbadboy
  • girl
  • love
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The badass tomboy kidnapped by the gangleader by 2stephanie2
The badass tomboy kidnapped by ❣️EXO_KINGS❣️
Sylar gets kidnapped by the most feared gang the vipers. their gangleader Xavier sends his friends to go and kidnap a 15 year old boy but they accidentally mistake skyla...
  • humor
  • kidnapping
  • tomboy
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New Tomboy by itsmecj2
New Tomboyby Cj Cald
Her names Daniela Conners aka Danny. Shes a tomboy. She loves to skate and play football.She loves sports. Her family just move to Los Angeles Ca from Maine. His name is...
  • highschool
  • teenfiction
  • tomboy
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Just One Of The Boys [under construction]  by MissWildRoses
Just One Of The Boys [under MissWildRoses
| completed | HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT: #66 IN TEEN FICTION. #9 IN TOMBOY When your family is a dozen football players, loyalty runs deep and ties are hard to be broken...
  • wattys2017
  • badass
  • strongfemale
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Baseball Caps {Wattys 2017} by nahnotnash
Baseball Caps {Wattys 2017}by ☁️-nash
#Highest Ranking : 158 in Teen Fiction 9/03/17 I positioned my feet and hung the bat right behind me. I watched my little brother as he threw the ball and it came hurt...
  • popularity
  • wattys2017
  • tomboy
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You Don't Know Me by Pluto7137
You Don't Know Meby Pluto
Alexandra Callop isn't so 'typical' as you may have thought. Those who don't know her think she's an average teenager. Little do they know what she's really like. After...
  • alexandra
  • brent
  • secret
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Meet you Halfway by surferkyla
Meet you Halfwayby surferkyla
Alissa Jordan, your typical 17 year old "tomboy". Her life revolves around skateboarding, surfing and music. She is different to all the other girls her age, s...
  • player
  • wattys2018
  • badboy
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The Bodyguard by FairySalvatore
The Bodyguardby Fatima Zaidi
When a rebellious daughter raised in a gangsters family run away from home, she is transported back in time to ages of Prince and Kings somehow. Hiding in the world run...
  • girl
  • paranormal
  • hot
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➵ His Soccer Princess | ✔︎ by -ineffablyflawsome
➵ His Soccer Princess | ✔︎by ✧ lillian.
e d i t i n g | • Meet Alexis, or Alex. Whichever one you prefer. She's not your average girl whose obsessed with makeup, clothes, and erm... Girly stuff in general. Bu...
  • romance-friendship
  • badboy
  • football
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The Bad Boy and The Tomboy by Tomboy122002
The Bad Boy and The Tomboyby Anonymous
Logan is a 17 year old tomboy who grew up with two older twin bothers and she doesn't take shit from no one. She plays basketball instead of doing cheerleading. William...
  • romance
  • boy
  • teen
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