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Following on from them very drunk posts I made on {very early# Sunday morning, I would like to say sorry.

Actually I'm not even sorry it's hilarious and I didn't have a hangover so win win.

I did although spend all my night in the bathroom trying to throw up but it wouldn't happen so I forced myself and then slept with a bucket on my chest for 2 hours. I had about 3 hours sleep and a nap at 3pm lmao.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes and for finding me funny. The group chat was also hella lit so my homies thanks for translating me. I also sent voice notes to my two internet friends singing whip/nae nae and something else I can't remember lmao. I was literally so drunk.

Also I wrote an email to 5sos for the Jet Black Heart thing and I've realised not only how much 5sos have helped me but how much you guys have helped me. Thank you for helping me find myself.

There might be an update tomorrow of the other half of the drunk one major written non-drunk and a new one possibly. It could be on Wednesday though. I've had a bad day today and the girl who bullied me before started again and I forgot to take my stress ball to school but trust me if I had it, it would be flung straight into her gob. I'm talking to colleges all day tomorrow and I think she's in 2 of them and if she starts I will not be responsible for my actions.

Thank you for being there always and for reading my shitty one shots and stories.

I love you all so fucking much, you guys are my sunshines
Hannah x

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