Christina Grimmie and Pulse Shootings

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As you guys are probably aware a lot of people have died in Orlando over the past few days. First Christina Grimmie at a fucking meet and greet and around 50 people at Pulse.

I can't even describe how disgusted I am with the humans in this world that do this. I don't understand how someone can pick up a fucking gun and intend to kill people. I'm so pissed at American gun laws and the little security in making sure there was no fucking weapons. My heart litrally hurts.

Firstly I want to say I was not a hardcore Christina fan and I'm not going to pretend I am. But I'm also not going to pretend her death didn't affect me greatly. I did watch her youtube videos. In fact I watched her way back in the day. She was one of the first  youtubers I watched and subscribed to. She had such an amazing talent and voice and honestly her death is a huge loss to the music industry and everyone around her. It affects me specifically because I am a singer. I am an artist, I am an author and I like to make people happy the same way she did. She died whilst doing a fucking meet and greet with fans. Usually singing on stage and performing is like an act of escapism without going anywhere. It's a special thing. She got that taken away from her so fucking cruelly. I honestly cannot fathom what happened. I want to give my thoughts and prayers to her family and closest friends. I know she's watching down on everyone right now and she is a real loss. RIP Christina, you may be gone but you'll never be forgotten.

The shootings at Pulse. I am still in shock that a fucking man would kill 50 innocent fucking people because he saw 2 men kissing and didn't like it. Grow the fuck up who cares if someone is kissing someone of the same sex? Love is fucking love. There is so much fucking hatred in this world and right now it's honestly a world that I don't want to fucking live in. I'm so pissed. ITS THE TWENTY FIRST FUCKING CENTURY! If you have not accepted the fact that LGBTQ+ people exist and are fucking normal regular people then you need to. It's ridiculous. Again, my prayers are with the victims and their families and I'm praying the ones injured are doing okay. RIP to all the ones lost and I hope you make your way to a better place.

I honestly hope things get better in this world and fucking gun crime and acts of terrorism stop. I needed to make this, and I finish school this week so I'll be back soon.

I love you guys, stay safe,

H xx

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