Warnings (its friendly fam)

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Okay so a few warnings okay so..

1) The next few one shots are y/n as a baby or mummy (if you wanna substitute that to daddy that's fine too.) If you don't like that sort of one shots then don't read the next few, you'll be able to tell if it's a y/n one shot by the title :)

2) The next one shot is for my lovely friend Char and it's gonna be half written today/Friday and the second half will be written by drunk me on Saturday. I will post the second half sober on Sunday lmao but I just want to see what I'd write drunk and it's probably gonna be hella funny.

3) ITS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! As I said on Saturday night I'm having a birthday party and I'm probably gonna get hella drunk judging by the amount of alcohol I already have and how much is being provided lmao. So I'm gonna write that half a one shot as I said above and probably a drunk authors note. If you're in the UK like me it will be posted on the Sunday aka MY BIRTHDAY because the party finishes at 12am so..

4) expect a lot of authors notes over this weekend because of the drunk one and probably one on my birthday apologising for it lmao

I hope you all enjoy my one shot on Saturday/Sunday and don't forget to check out the one shot book I'm collaborating on, on homiecalum's account.

Love you guys,
Hannah xx

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