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Prompt: can you like have Ashton have to have to take the tablets and has three babies calum Luke and Michael and then they are all allergic to milk and then he has to breast feed the babies and he makes the babies all happy and then he changes the nappies and puts them up to bed in the cribs

Calum: Headspace 2y/o

Luke: Headspace 2y/o

Michael: Headspace 2y/o

Ashton: Daddy


Ashton sighed as Luke cried, rushed off his feet. Having one baby to take care of was bad enough, three babies was a nightmare. Especially when they were all so upset.

"Come here bub. Don't wake your brothers up." Ashton cooed picking up and rocking him slightly. "Are you hungry?"

Luke shook his head no but his stomach growled betraying his actions. Luke whined softly. He didn't like to drink milk from the bottle. It made his tummy hurt.

"Come on Lukey, I know you are. You can have your milk and then you can play. That sound good?" Luke nodded reluctantly as Ashton put him into his high chair and started to make three bottles. Calum and Michael started crying so Ashton rushed upstairs grabbing them both and putting them in their highchairs too.

Once Ashton had made the bottles he picked up Luke first and cradled him as he fed him his bottle. Luke suckled it all down hoping his stomach didn't turn like it usually does. Once he'd finished his Daddy burped him and picked him up which made Luke's tummy twist. A sharp pain shot through Luke's abdomen and Luke whined as his Daddy set him back in the high chair. He held onto his stomach as it convulsed and tried to hide his pain.

"Okay come on Cal." Ashton smiled picking the tan boy from the high chair and placing him in his lap. Calum whined. He didn't want the milk. It made him feel icky. Calum turned his head away from the teat Ashton pressed to his lips. "Cal you need to eat." Ashton sighed and pushed the bottle gently into his mouth. Calum reluctantly began to suck and closed his eyes until he had finished his bottle. His Daddy set him back in his high chair and his stomach started twisting. Calum and Luke whined together softly.

Michael was next, he was just as reluctant. The milk just disagreed with him. He hated it. Ashton rocked him softly as he sucked on the teat until he heard retching and splashes hitting the floor. Ashton immediately sat up and put Michael to his chest to see who was throwing up. This action hurt Michael's stomach and he immediately threw up to all over Ashton. Michael began crying.

"Don't worry bub. It's okay. You're okay." Ashton mumbled kissing Michael's hair and saw Luke and Cal both covered in sick crying.

"Sorry Daddy." Luke sobbed throwing up again.

"Hey baby. It's okay calm down." Ashton mumbled rushing to rub his back.

"Are you all sick?" Ashton asked feeling all of their foreheads for fevers.

"Bottle, icky." Calum mumbled.

"Oh." Ashton said softly.

He picked all three boys up with a struggle and dragged them upstairs he sat them in the bath and ran the water while he took their puke filled clothes off. Ashton turned the taps off and left the three babies paddling and splashing in the bath while he grabbed them and himself some spare clothes. He looked in his top draw to find the lactation pills he bought a while back just in case something like this happened. He took two of the pills and went back to the boys to see Luke with bubble hair, Calum with a bubble moustache and Michael with a big bubble beard. I giggled and took a photo of them and grabbed the towels.

"Come on, out you get. Then we can watch movies, sound good?" All three boys nodded. Ashton got them out one by one rubbing them dry and changing them into new clothes and nappies and carried them all downstairs. He set them on the sofa with blankets and turned on the tv. He sat in the middle of Luke and Michael with Calum sitting on his lap.

Soon after Michael started whining. Ashton turned his head to look at him.

"What's wrong bud?" Ash asked and swapped Calum and Michael in place.

"Hungry." Michael pouted, not wanting to drink the bottle again.

"Okay bub. Come on let's feed you." Ashton smiled and slipped off his shirt and lead Michael's mouth to his nipple.

Michael looked at him in confusion, Luke and Calum fixated on the screen now looking at their daddy and Mikey.

"Suck baby." Ashton mumbled and played with Michael's hair. Michael curiously sucked on his Daddy's nipple and sighed in relief as milk came out and his stomach didn't turn. He suckled and closed his eyes gently and placed one hand on his Daddy's chest. Ashton smiled down at him.

Michael pulled away and kissed his Daddy's cheek.

"No hurt." Michael grinned and clambered down from his Daddy and sat on the floor.

"Daddy?" Luke asked quietly. Ashton lifted him into his lap and let Luke suckle onto his chest, and then repeated the same actions with Calum.

"Come on, nap time." Ashton grinned picking them all up. He laid them all on the changing table and carefully changed their nappies and put them into matching onesies with dummies with their initials on the front.

He placed them all in his big bed, him laying down with them and kissed each of their foreheads.

"Love you Daddy." The three said simultaneously lisped around their dummies.

"Love you babies." Ashton mumbled, letting his eyes drop too into a deep slumber.

So I desperately need prompts now as there is none left, also I'm sorry this wasn't up earlier I almost broke my leg last night so I was in hospital most of the night when I planned to update.

I hope you enjoyed it :)

H xx

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