Meanie! Baby!Calum Teenager!Luke

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Prompt: Like baby Cal (headspace of three) and Luke (headspace of 13-14) and Michael and Ashton are the dads, and Luke gets in trouble for being mean to Calum when his friends are over, and he gets in trouble and has to apologize and give his phone up for a few days, but fluff at the end?

Calum: Headspace of 3 y/o

Luke: Headspace of 13 y/o

Michael: Daddy/Dad

Ashton: Papa

"Dad!" Luke shouted roaming around the house trying to find his 'Dad'. "DAD!"

"Luke stop yelling! I'm in the kitchen. Come here." Michael shouted back.

Luke rolled his eyes and muttered swear words under his breath and went into the kitchen to see his little brother in his highchair wafting his bowl of mashed bananas round and his Papa trying to clean up the mess Calum had made. His Dad was stood making coffee for him and his Papa.


"What Luke?" Michael sighed and handed Ashton his coffee.

"Can I have some friends over please?" Luke asked.

"Luke, I don't think that's the best idea." Michael sighed.

"Please Dad. Just for a few hours and I'll even clean my bedroom." Luke pouted.

"You're supposed to clean your bedroom anyway Luke." Ashton chuckled.

"Fine then I'll wash the dishes for a week."

"Yeah I'd like to see that." Ashton muttered and grabbed Calum's bowl so he could feed him again. Calum giggled in delight.

"Dad please." Luke did the puppy dog face. Michael sighed.

"Fine. But only for 2 hours and you're nice to your brother okay?" Michael said. Luke nodded and jumped up and down in glee.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Luke squealed and kissed both of his fathers cheeks. Michael chuckled as Luke ran off to his room.

"This isn't a good idea." Ashton said as he fed Calum who was giggling and clapping from his mashed bananas.

"I know." Michael mumbled picking Calum up and walking out of the room, Ashton shaking his head.

A few hours later and shouting was heard from Luke's room, the boys playing on his xbox. Michael sighed turning the TV up louder and snuggling further into Ashton. Calum was in his room playing, but he was soon getting bored and just wanted to play with his big brother.

He put down his legos and walked to his brothers room. He heard the shouting and whimpered. It scared him.

"Lukey?" Calum whimpered.

"Shane! You killed me! What the hell dude?" Luke shouted. Calum whined again.

"I won fair and square!"

"No you cheated!" Luke shot back. Calum began to cry. It was too loud for him.

"Um Luke." His other friend Jason but in.

"No Jason! Shane's cheating!" Luke shouted.

"Your little brother is crying dumbass!" Shane shouted.

Luke whipped around to look at Calum and laughed. "He's a big baby. All he does is cry. I wish he wasn't my brother."

His friends laughed at him while Calum continued to cry. Luke and his friends began to chant 'Baby' in Calum's face. Calum wet himself through his fear.

"Hey what's going on in here?" Michael came into Luke's room. The boys instantly stopped chanting and backed up.

"Daddy." Calum whimpered making grabby hands to Michael. Michael cooed and picked the crying boy up, Ashton coming into the room.

"Luke I think your friends should go." Ashton sighed.

"What? That's not fair! What the hell! He's a stupid baby." Luke huffed.

"Luke Hemmings!" Ashton scolded. Michael took Calum out of the room and into his own room.

"We'll go." Jason mumbled, grabbing Shane's wrist and pulling him out of the door.

"Thanks boys." Ashton grumbled. He waited until the door had slam shut and began to lecture Luke.

"What the hell were you thinking? Calum is a baby! He was probably bored and wanted to play with his older brother. He'd have got scared from all the ruckus and shouting you guys were doing and then you decide to insult him and bully your own brother. That's not right Luke! He's only 3 years old in his headspace."

"I'm sorry Papa." Luke looked at the floor.

"It's not me you should be apologising to. Now give me your phone, you'll get it back in a few days and go apologise to your brother." Ashton scolded.

Luke huffed but nodded, handing Ashton the phone and walking out of the room. He walked to Calum's room where Michael held the sobbing boy to his chest in the rocking chair.

"Cally?" Luke asked hesitantly. Calum cried harder and snuggled further into Michael's chest.

"I'm sorry. Lukey's sorry. He didn't mean to be bad. I love you." Luke mumbled edging closer. Calum looked up.

"Promise?" He mumbled holding out his pinky. Luke sighed in relief and hooked his pinky in Calum's.

"Promise." Luke smiled. He took his brother out of his Dad's arms and hugged him close.

"Cuddles?" Calum asked cutely.

"Obviously, disney movies too. Right Dad?"

"Of course. Anything for my babies." Michael chuckled and tickled Calum making him giggle.

Luke ran downstairs with Calum and plopped them on the sofa snuggling into the blanket with his baby brother in his chest and his parents either side of them cuddling in.

Right where he belongs.

This is really short I'm sorry but I still think it's cute. I only have one more 5SOS prompt so if you want to send them in :)

Also I'm working on 6 different 5SOS fics, I want to have a few chapters before I post them but I wanted to let you know what they were.

Self/Less - This is based off of the movie Self/Less. Calum is a famous singer and him and his manager Ashton may be young but they're powerful. He has terminal cancer and doesn't want to die just yet. This will be Malum and Muke - this will make more sense if you've seen the movie.

Doctor 5SOS - Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke are like brothers. When they open their own clinic and wanted to move in with their siblings it seemed perfect. But for their siblings, not so much. -This will kind of be run like prompts but not all the time.-

Mute - This is gonna be a therapy book for me really, I'm gonna be projecting my story on Michael. This will be a Muke book bc muke af.

18 M.C - She was his world, to her it was just a game and in a game, someone always loses. This is based off the song 18 by anarbor.

The Gender Identity Project ot4 - Luke feels lost. He doesn't understand how he's genderfluid but his band help him find himself. {I haven't decided what to do with this fic yet.}

Banducated l.h - "we can't be friends if you don't like all time low." "what's that? some kind of emotion?" luke's pretty much clueless about bands and she's just obsessed.

Anyways, thank you for all your support on the A/N I put up the other day. You guys mean the world to me and you're all so lovely.

I love you a lot,

H xx

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