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Prompt: Can you do a 5sos one where Calum & Michael are the dads? Luke is like is 3 and Ashton is 15. Ashton is grounded to his room and the only time someone comes to his room to set food outside the door. But they don't know that he has the flu, so he ends up getting a high fever because they forget to check on him. Then they find him passed out, because his fever got too high. So they take him to the hospital and apologize. Then Lashton fluff at the end.

Luke: Headspace of 3y/o

Ashton: Headspace of 15y/o

Calum: Daddy

Michael: Papa

It was past midnight and Ashton still wasn't home. His little brother Luke had been put to bed hours ago and Ashton was meant to be home by 10 so he didn't disturb him. His Daddy and Papa told him he couldn't go to the party he so desperately wanted to go to that night because of his brothers bedtime.

Of course Ashton had completely ignored this statement and gone out anyway, getting smashed. He was too drunk to walk in a straight line and it was a miracle he got home in one piece.

"Ashton Fletcher Irwin where the fuck were you?" Michael asked him angry.

"Party." Ashton giggled clearly drunk off his mind.

"Go to bed Ashton. We will talk about this in the morning." Calum sighed.

Ashton walked upstairs making as much noise as an elephant would and his Dad's sighed knowing any second his brother would start screaming.

"What are we gonna do with him?" Calum sighed.

"Let's just ground him to his room. I'll take his electronics away too and he will be bored as hell. He won't think about doing it again." Michael suggested.

Luke's deafening crying began which Calum responded to by running upstairs and flashing Michael a quick thumbs up. Michael trudged upstairs knowing he'll have to share his bed with his baby boy tonight.

"Hey baby boy. You tired? Did Ashy wake you up?" Michael mumbled cuddling him close when Calum came into the room and put him down on the bed.

Luke nodded and whined against his dummy obviously tired and cranky. He held onto his penguin teddy tightly with one hand and bobbed his dummy in his mouth. He found comfort in Michael's warm chest and fell asleep against him. Calum cooed at the sight and took a quick picture before hopping into bed and joining in the cuddle. Neither of them looking forwards to the next morning.

It wasn't until mid day when Ashton stirred with a massive hangover. Michael was stood at the foot of his bed and tossed him a packet of painkillers. A glass of water was on his nightstand as well as a bacon bun.

"Ashton we told you not to go to that party."

"I know Papa. I'm sorry." Ashton hung his head in shame.

"You woke up Luke when you came in. He had to sleep with us and trust me he wakes up early and I'm cranky."

"I said I'm sorry." Ashton mumbled.

"Your punishment is getting grounded to your room. No electronics. No leaving this room. I'll bring you food up. You have a glass to refill with water and you have a toilet. 3 days Ash." Michael sighed and walked out.

Ashton sulked and slept for the whole day. He felt like crap and he didn't think it was the hangover. He hadn't even drank that much last night. He was a little tipsy but not enough for a hangover this bad.

The next day Ashton felt worse. He hadn't even eaten the food his parents had brought in yesterday. He couldn't bring himself to. He felt faint and his chest hurt so badly. He coughed until he felt the need to throw up. Which he did violently only just reaching the toilet. He sighed and rested his head against the cool toilet seat. He spent the rest of his day there sleeping and puking.

It was sometime around 3 the next day when Ashton realised he needed to tell his Dads no matter how bad they punished him for breaking the grounding. He pushed himself off the bathroom floor only to plummet back down, fainting with a loud bang.

Calum was cooking dinner and Michael was playing with Luke when they heard the loud bang. They both rushed up to Ashton's room to see him passed out on his bathroom floor. His ensuite stunk of sick and it was enough to make Calum gag. Michael felt his forehead and knew that it was too high to be safe.

"Fuck Ashton, punishment does not mean almost kill yourself." Michael sighed to himself and carried his son bridle style to the car and strapped him into the backseat. Calum came with Luke and his nappy bag and set him in his car seat strapping him up.

After many tests the doctors decided Ashton had the flu and needed to stay to get medicine and fluids until his fever came down from its 104.7 degree temperature.

Ashton's eyes finally fluttered awake and Michael let out a sigh of relief and pulled him into a hug.

"Don't ever do that again. If you're sick you tell us. Okay?" Michael said sternly but pulled him back into the hug and kissed his head repeatedly.

"You scared us so much Ashy." Calum mumbled.

"I'm sorry. I thought it was the hangover at first but it got out of control and I couldn't move from my bathroom floor. I was coming to tell you but I passed out." Ashton mumbled. He felt a lot better than he did before that's for sure.

Luke made grabby hands at Ashton and Michael lifted him up to sit him on his bed.

"I'm doctor Luke and I order you cuddles." Luke said cutely and attacking Ashton with a cuddle making the family laugh. Michael and Calum joined in the hug. Everything felt good again.

My endings are so cheesy holy shit lmao it's almost 1am so sorry for mistakes, I cba going back to check them.

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