Blind Baby!Calum

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Prompt: I was wondering if you can do a prompt where Calum is blind and ask's what his dad's house the world/colors look like. And a lot of fluff ^&^ 

Calum: Headspace of 4y/o

Michael: Daddy

Ashton: Dada

Luke: Papa

"Daddy?" Calum asked as he breathed in his scent when he was putting him in his cot. 

"Yeah buddy?" Michael smiled at him even though he couldn't see him. 

"What colour is your hair?" He asked. Calum could always smell the hair dyes but never got to see the colours he had in his hair. He felt like part of his world was missing. 

"At the minute?" Michael chuckled. "Blonde." He said as he handed Calum one of his toys. 

"Oh." Calum said. "It doesn't smell as good as the others." 

"It's bleach baby." He chuckled. 

"What does blonde look like?" Calum asked. 

Michael's heart hurt. Calum didn't get to see colours and know what they were. He didn't get to see some of the beautiful sights they've seen in this world. He saw his own imagination and had to live in the unknown.

"Bright. Like the sun." He smiled.

"Oh." Calum mumbled quietly. He'd never seen the sun. "What colour is my bear?" 

"It's blue." Ashton said as he walked into the room. He rubbed Michael's defeated shoulder and kissed Calum's forehead.

"What's blue like?" Calum asked.

"It's beautiful. It's the colour of Papa's eyes." Ashton spoke and smiled at the thought of the blonde cutie. 

"Would I like blue Dada?" Calum asked.  

"I think it would be your favourite colour baby boy." Ashton smiled. He gave Michael a quick hug. Michael was crying. He was upset Calum would never get to see the world. He would never get to see him. He couldn't see what he could. He felt like Calum was missing out on something amazing and he would do anything to trade places with him.

"Hey bub." Luke said as he walked into the room.

"Papa!!!" Calum shouted gleefully.

"He's asking about colours." Ashton explained when Luke looked over at Michael with concern etched on his face. Luke made an 'o' shape with his mouth.

"Papa?" Calum asked.

"Yeah baby?"

"What do I look like?" He asked confused.

"Well, you're tanned which means your skin is darker. You have brown hair and brown eyes. Brown is the same colour as chocolate and you know chocolate is amazing and so are you." Luke smiled beginning to tear up.

"Oh. I do love chocolate." Calum giggled. "I'm tired now." He said.

"Okay bubba sleep well and have good dreams." Luke said.

"Papa I can't see dreams." Calum said. Luke frowned but kissed his forehead.

"Well just think of chocolate." Ashton chuckled and kissed him too. Michael stepped up last and kissed his nose lightly.

"Sleep well baby boy. I love you. We all do. Blind and all." Michael whispered as Calum drifted off to sleep. "We wouldn't change you for the world."

OKAY so this is short but it felt cuter short idk also this is like 5 months old I'm sorry lmao. Pls don't hate me.

I love you guys,

H xx

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