Sick Baby!Michael

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Prompt: Can you do one when Mikey was sick and didn't tell the boys and he starts misbehaving so they put him in time out but forget about him and then like an hour later one of them remembers and they find him covered in sick and needs changing and they guys blame themselves and things they're bad fathers and all cute and fluffy at the end

Michael: Headspace of 3 y/o

Ashton: Daddy

Luke: Papa

Calum: Dada


"Time to get up buddy." Ashton said shaking Michael gently. Michael whimpered, a pain shooting through his stomach. He felt so ill, he just wanted to sleep.

Ashton picked Michael up and held him to his chest. Michael snuggled into Ashton's shoulder trying to find some warmth and sucked his dummy trying to find some comfort. Ashton put him down to change his nappy and Michael whined, being clingy when he's sick. "Shh bub I'm just changing your nappy." Ashton mumbled, going as fast as he can.

Ashton picked Michael back up and noticed his body heat was high. "You warm bub?" Ashton mumbled taking off his clothes so he was left in just a nappy. Michael shivered, snuggling further into Ashton's chest trying to find some warmth.

"Morning." Calum smiled as Ashton brought him downstairs. He kissed Michael's forehead. "Mmm he's warm." Calum commented. Ashton grabbed Michael's bottle from Luke and cradelled Mikey in his arms.

"I know, that's why I took his clothes off. It's pretty warm today. His air con must be playing up." Ashton mumbled holding the bottle to Michael's lips. Michael pushed his head away from the tip of the bottle. He knew if he drank that he was gonna throw up and he didn't want that to happen.

"Come on Mikey, it's milk. You like milk." Ashton mumbled.

"He won't drink?" Luke asked. Ashton shook his head. "Here let me try." He said taking Michael from Ashton's arms. "Will you drink for Papa?" Luke persisted with the nub. Michael finally gave in whining and suckled softly, careful not to drink fast.

"What?" Ashton mumbled dumbfounded.

"I have the magic Papa touch." Luke winked. Ashton scoffed and poured himself a cup of coffee.

"No more." Michael mumbled, only drinking half the bottle. His stomach was in bits. If he drank anymore he would simply projectile vomit all over his Papa.

"Okay bub. No more. Shall we go play blocks?" Calum asked picking him up. Michael put his head in the crook of his neck seeking warmth. He softly shook his head not wanting his headache or nausea to get worse.

"Cuddle?" He lisped around his dummy. Calum chuckled.

"You want Dada cuddles? Okay baby." Calum smiled and flopped on the sofa with Michael on his chest. Michael snuggled down desperately needing some heat to radiate onto his freezing body. He started to fall asleep, feeling icky all over.

"Come on Mikey, play blocks with me." Luke smiled lifting him off Calum's chest. Michael groaned and flailed his arms accidentally hitting Luke in the face.

"MICHAEL!" Calum shouted. Michael winced, the loud noises hurting his head. His Dada roughly grabbed him off his Papa which made the pain in his stomach intensify. Calum sat him on the naughty chair in a secluded room and set the timer, walking out and shutting the door.

Michael began to cry, feeling awful. His breathing became laboured and he felt the horrible feeling of sick coming up his throat and then his stomach did a sharp tumble inside and all of a sudden it was coming out, both ends. Michael sobbed, not stopping being sick and his bum was on fire from the recent events. He sat there for an hour doing what only seemed like throwing up and messing his nappy.

"Omg Michael." Calum said suddenly realising how long he'd been in time out.

"I'll go." Luke said worriedly, he felt like a bad father he had forgotten his son. He opened the door to see the floor covered in sick and Michael throwing up all over himself sobbing.

"MICHAEL!" Luke shouted seeing the boy retching and immediately rushed up to rub his back. Michael sobbed and leaned into his Papa's chest.

Ashton and Calum came running when they heard Luke panicking.

"Oh baby." Ashton mumbled feeling the boys forehead which had gotten hotter over the day. "Cal get a thermometer."

"Daddy's sorry he left you this long." Ashton mumbled kissing his sweaty forehead. Michael shivered.

"Cold Papa." He mumbled. "Icky."

"I know bub. Let us check your temperature and then we can give you a bath and cuddle all you want okay?" Luke smiled.

Calum stuck the thermometer in Michael's ear and kept its till while he squirmed around.

"104.1" Calum winced.

"Cold bath it is." Ashton mumbled and picked up the sickly boy. Luke ran upstairs to run the bath and Calum got the medicine while Michael laid in Ashton's chest completely exhausted.

"I'm really sorry baby." Ashton mumbled.

"Icky Daddy."

"I know, it'll be all better soon." Ashton said and stripped him of his clothes and put him in the ice cold bath.

"No Daddy it's cold!" Michael moaned trying to get out but falling straight back in, too weak to even hold his arm up.

"Shh baby, you can get out soon." Luke said playing with his hair.

"Here Mikey open wide." Calum said, Michael didn't protest and just opened his mouth as Calum put the medicine in. He scrunched his face up. Calum chuckled.


"Yeah baby you can get out now." Ashton lifted Michael out of the bath and replaced his nappy and applied a lot of nappy rash cream. He then left Michael naked again but got his blanket and a new dummy from his room.

He walked downstairs to the fort Calum and Luke had made and laid down inside of it with Michael snuggled into his chest, dummy bobbing in his mouth and toy turtle under his arm, covered in his blanket. Luke and Calum got either side of Ashton and had a family cuddle until they all drifted off to sleep.

The ending is so bad, I'm sorry. This was meant to be up about half an hour ago but something came up but its up now.

I hope you enjoyed it and I'll add your dedication in the morning. :)

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