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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREADSTICK! I hope your 12th birthday was awesome and you had a lot of fun. You make me cry whenever you grow older so no more birthdays noodle. I love you pumpkin, go eat some cake and I don't mean Calum.

How the hell is Luke 19 I swear like a second ago he was making covers on his black guitar in his bedroom in Sydney with his little pink speakers and now he's literally taking on the world. Proud doesn't even begin to describe the emotions I'm feeling for that boy.

He's come so far and hemmo1996 has achieved his dreams and that makes me so happy. THIS IS THE LAST YEAR OF LUKE BEING A TEENAGER WTH. He's actually gonna be 5 next year and he's gonna have a princess tea party with ketchup and pengi.

Anyway BREADSTICKS DONT AGE LUCAS YOURE GONNA BE 12 FOREVER! and remember only Ashton can go clubbing in the us so sucks for you :P

No but I love you, you giant dork and I hope you have a dance party and drink lots of beers and have cake and just have fun. You deserve it. :)

Okay on a side note, I broke up for summer today and I only have 3 prompts for this book left so they'll hopefully be all up tomorrow however they may not be because on my one direction book I have like 20 prompts. But more frequent updates will be coming :)

I love you guys,

H xx

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