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Accidents Baby!Luke Older!Calum

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Prompt: Hey I was wondering if you could do a 5sos age play where Luke is the baby and Calum is his older brother and Luke has an accident in public and Calum makes fun of him so the daddies Ashton and Michael punish him and then they have cuddles and super fluffy ending 

Luke: Headspace of 2 y/o

Calum: Headspace of 8 y/o

Ashton: Daddy

Michael: Papa

"Daddy! Daddy!" Calum tapped Ashton's shoulder over and over again, poking his face until he groaned and opened his eyes.

"What Cal?" Ashton mumbled, rubbing his eyes and letting out a yawn.

"Can we go to the park today please?" He asked giving Ashton the puppy dog eyes.

"Is that why you woke me up? Why didn't you ask Papa?" Ashton asked him sitting up and grabbing his sweatpants he tossed to the side of the bed. Calum sat on the end of Ashton's bed and giggled.

"He told me to ask you." Calum smiled. Ashton shook his head and stood up pulling his sweatpants on. 

"Come on then let's go wake your brother up." Ashton said stretching and grabbed Calum's hand. He lead them to Luke's nursery and opened the door.  They walked over to Luke's crib and Ashton rubbed Luke's belly to wake him up.

"LUKE WAKE UP!" Calum yelled which made Luke instantly wake up and begin to cry loudly. Ashton picked Luke up and cradled him to his chest cooing.

"Calum, don't yell! Go downstairs to Papa." Ashton scolded and Calum hung his head in shame, walking out the room. 

"Daddy." Luke sobbed.

"Shh Bub. You're okay. Calum was just a bit too loud." Ashton cooed rocking him slightly.

"Wet." Luke whimpered, calming down.

"Let's change you then bub." Ashton said putting a blue dummy in Luke's mouth and putting him on the changing table. He took off the fluffy nappy and wiped Luke's crotch and bum, powdering it lightly. He then put a pull up on Luke.

"No nappy?" Luke mumbled around his dummy.

"No babe, we're gonna go to the park today so you need to be a big boy after breakfast. You need to tell me or Papa if you need to go to the toilet. Okay?"

"Okay." Luke pouted and suckled on his dummy hard, savouring the last few moments he could be little.

Ashton picked Luke up and put him on his hip. Luke nuzzled his face into Ashton's neck and hugged him close. Ashton walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen seeing Calum pouting in his chair and Michael making coffee. Ashton put Luke in his highchair and went over to Michael, wrapping his arms around his waist from behind and pressed soft kisses to his neck.

"Morning babe." Ashton mumbled against Michael's pale skin.

"Morning. I made you a coffee." Michael smiled, turning in Ashton's arms and handing him his coffee.

"Oh thanks for getting Calum to wake me up this morning." Ashton grumbled.

"Oh you're welcome." Michael smirked and kissed Ashton's pout. "Why is Calum pouty anyway?" Michael asked him as Ashton took a sip of coffee, one hand still on the small of Michael's back.

"He yelled at Luke to wake up and Luke got scared so I told him off." Ashton mumbled. Michael nodded and grabbed Luke and Calum's breakfast off the side, leaving Ashton to pick up his and Michael's toast. Michael set Calum's coco pops in front of him and put Luke's mashed bananas next to his seat ready to feed the blonde boy.

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