Okay Enough

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It's been like a month since I updated, and I'm shit I know. I'm really sorry but I'm on it. I only have 3 prompts for this book so they should be up pretty quick.

Also I don't know when I'll have time to update. I've literally been so busy the past few days and I will be tomorrow. I also have 9 days to finish my coursework that's nowhere near done and if I don't finish it I fail the course, so I need to focus on that before prompts.

My friends dad is in hospital too. He's like my dad too and he does so much for us both. He had a fall 2 weeks ago and he got admitted. {He's blind due to him being an alcoholic} In the hospital he developed pneumonia and he's struggling to breathe. The doctors also think he has TB, although they aren't sure and are also screening for cancer. My friend is obviously really upset and she's exhausted from visiting him all day, coming home and repeating it all over again. I really need to be there for her, because he is dying. We knew that last year, his organs are shutting down from the alcohol although this sickness isn't from alcohol related things. Just pray for him, please. He's very special to me and I hate to see him so sick.

Also about school. When I start school in 11 days {actually 9 but I'm skipping a day bc I'm at a concert lmao} I'm going to be in my final year which means exams and pressure. Due to this I don't know how much I'll be able to update although I will try my best for you guys.

Lastly I wanted to talk about Michael and his mental health confession the other day. The fact that he was so brave to come out to thousands of people in an arena knowing the rest of the world could grasp that information is incredible. It took me 2 years and a lot of fucking tears to tell my mum about my mental health problems. I made my best friend come to my house and stay there whilst I told my mum and I burst into tears as soon as my mum closed the doors and I couldn't talk for a while and when I told her I self harmed she gave me a hug and we talked for a while. It's only now my first therapy appointment has come through, a year later. My dad, well he laughed in my face and thought I was joking. I still don't think he understands. But I'm 4 months clean at the minute and I'm happy. And I know Michael will be soon too. But I just want to say that I admire his courage and I love him to the moon and back and he always has my support. He's my baby boy. I'm just glad he dealt with it the right way and saw a therapist. I wish him the best kind of happiness in the world.

Expect an update in the next few days with an imagine or two.

I love you guys,
H xx

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